Winn Dixie cake prices are between $16.00 and $60.00. Even though Winn Dixie cakes aren’t as diverse as other bakeries’, their sheet and round varieties will bring smiles to any party. Winn Dixie birthday cakes are their specialty, namely their character cakes for children. In addition to Winn Dixie birthday cakes, they also have cakes suitable for graduations, baby showers, or even weddings. You can only order cakes at different locations, as they don’t support online orders.

Learn everything you need to know about this cake brand, the prices they have, the designs they offer, and the cake ordering process down below.

Winn Dixie Cakes Prices

The most important thing to remember when it comes to Winn Dixie cake prices is that the prices are approximate because they differ according to the cake you want to order, how customized you want it to be, and the specific Winn Dixie location you order it from. The prices below are just to give you an idea of how much you would typically pay.

Cake TypePrice
1/4 Sheet Cake $25.00
1/2 Sheet Cake$35.00
Full Sheet Cake $60.00
Round 8-inch Cake $16.00

Winn Dixie Cake Designs

Winn Dixie specialized in character cakes, as you can see on their bakery page. Even though the page only features a couple of designs, Winn Dixie bakers are able to do many more, provided you tell them about your idea.

You can also find more Winn Dixie cake designs on the website, where you can also look for specific Winn Dixie locations. The selection of cake designs there should tell you what kinds of cakes their bakers can make.

Birthday Cakes

The most popular Winn Dixie cakes are those for birthdays. If your child is planning to celebrate with his or her friends, a Winn Dixie birthday cake is perfect for the occasion. Winn Dixie birthday cake designs are numerous, based on some of the most beloved cartoon characters. You can choose from a Dora the Explorer cake, a Hello Kitty one, a Minnie Mouse one, a Spider-Man one, and many more.

These designs can be applied to various sheet cakes. The ideal size for the average child’s birthday party is a ¼ sheet cake. It serves 25 guests and costs $25.00. You can ask at your local bakery about special inscriptions, color preferences, and more.

dora themed cake

Graduation Cakes

If graduation is around the corner, a Winn Dixie cake is just what you need to celebrate it. The bakery’s sheet cakes come in large sizes that are ideal for a class or multiple ones. For example, you can order a ½ sheet cake for a class of 48 students and their parents. This option will cost around $35.00. If you want to celebrate more than one class, go for a full sheet cake. Although it costs $60.00, it will serve 100 people. Plus, it is far less expensive than cakes from competitors, such as Whole Foods cakes.

As expected, graduation cake designs are popular as well. We particularly like two of their options, namely the Graduation Mega Hat Cake and the Graduation Marquee Cake.

Winn Dixie Cakes decorated with graduation cap

Baby Shower Cakes

Any baby shower can turn into a mouth-watering experience for the whole party with Winn Dixie cakes. Depending on the size of the party, you can order either a sheet cake or a round cake. In most situations, a round cake will suffice, as it has 10 to 12 servings at the price of $16.00. Nonetheless, you can always order a ¼ sheet cake for $25.00, if your party exceeds this number.

Ask your local store about what baby boy or baby girl designs you can choose from. Don’t hesitate to ask about custom options or ideas from the cake decorators themselves, to truly make the moment memorable. If you want to celebrate the birth of a baby girl, we recommend the Hello Kitty Kitty Style Cake, while a baby boy can be celebrated with a Superman DecoSet Cake. If you want to keep things neutral, but still baby shower-related, a Unicorn Creations DecoSet Cake would be perfect.

Winn Dixie Cakes decorated like a unicorn

Wedding Cakes

While Winn Dixie doesn’t have dedicated wedding cakes, if you’re one for smaller celebrations, you can still order your wedding cake from here. Since love is the main theme of a wedding, you can go for the heart-shaped From the Heart Valentine’s Edible Image Cake, or the Sweet Candy Edible Image Cake. The best thing about these is you can customize them as you wish.

Alternatively, you can also choose a regular cake in a flavor that you love, and ask the Winn Dixie bakers you talk to customize it with a picture of the two of you, or something else that means a lot to you both.

Winn Dixie Cakes shaped like a heart

How to Order Winn Dixie Cakes

As we previously explained, you cannot order Winn Dixie cakes online. However, you can find what store is closest in your area. The company offers a store locator that you can browse. Upon finding the store closest to you, find out the full address and phone number. You can call the store prior to your visit, to make sure that their bakery takes orders.

You can also print an order form from, after selecting the desired bakery. While this doesn’t mean you can order the cake online, you can fill it out, print it, and take it with you to the store with your order details already inside.

All in all, Winn Dixie cakes are an excellent choice if you have a limited budget and want a simple, yet elegant cake. Their lack of diversity might be a downside for some customers, but children will certainly be excited if they receive a cake with their favorite character on it. Contact your local bakery for any other information you might need. Don’t forget to also leave a comment down below sharing your opinion on Winn Dixie cakes.