Most Ron Ben Israel cakes begin at $800 and top out at more than $30,000, while wedding cakes start at $16 a serving, and novelty designs usually begin at $1,500. Each creation is individually priced depending on the amount of time it takes to complete, the number of servings, and skill required, so the Ron Ben Israel site does not offer any prices for their designs. However, we will tell you what you need to do to order the cakes, as well as inform you of the Ron Ben Israel cakes prices and designs.

Ron Ben Israel Cakes Prices

Ron Ben Israel Romance Cakes
Pretty as a Peach Four peach colored tiers with plenty of peonies and floral accents.
Dotted White Iris Four tiered cake dotted with irises and sugar pearls.
Sweet Pink Three pale blush tiers topped with pink roses, hydrangeas, and tulips.
Golden Romance Champagne colored fondant covers four tiers, with golden roses and fleur de leis for accents.
Falling in Love Five tiered cake with a gorgeous autumn palate and plenty of oak leaves.
Japanese Cherry Tree Five tiered cake with an intricate, blossoming Japanese cherry tree winding up to the top.
Ron Ben Israel Bold Statements Cakes
Pearl Peacock An elegant peacock with a pearl sheen, perched on seven tiers of cake.
Vintage Wine Crates Seven tiers of cake tipped at precarious angles and bursting with lilies, poppies, and grapes.
Flower Boxes Six tiers of cake, cleverly disguised as cheerful yellow flowers, growing out of boxes.
Elegant Peonies Seven tiers with time consuming gold detailing and vibrant peonies.
Ron Ben Israel Lace and Beading Cakes
Black Lace Three tiered cake with delicate black lace piped onto the buttercream.
Yellow Embroidery Yellow fondant spotted with black and white piping on three tiers to mimic traditional floral embroidery.
Beaded Bronze Five tiered cake with bronzed lace and beaded accents.
Ron Ben Israel Good Times Cakes
Circus All of the excitement of the flying trapeze, trapped in one five tiered cake.
Windmill Don Quixote would be awed by this four tiered windmill cake, complete with mini tulips.
Queen of Hearts Two tiers shaped like a crown and accented with a candy scepter.
Alice’s Adventures Three tilted tiers, psychedelic flowers, and a caterpillar dealing mushrooms spill from this cake.
Fabulous Las Vegas Poker chips, dice, and a reproduced Las Vegas welcome sign adorn this intricate, three tiered creation.

Ron Ben Israel Cake Designs

Cakes from Ron Ben Israel can be tailored to meet any dietary restrictions; specialized cake recipes can accommodate Kosher, dairy free, and gluten free demands. Their specialized collections have cake ideas of all shapes and sizes to celebrate any occasion. Many of Ron Ben Israel’s creations have been featured in bridal publications like Martha Stewart Weddings, The Know, Weddings in Style, and Modern Bride – so you can rest assured that you will be bringing home a stunning cake from their bakery.

Ron Ben Israel Birthday Cakes

Children’s cakes should always reflect their interests or their birthday party theme. Ron Ben Israel can provide creations like rose garden names, character themed lunch boxes, and dinosaurs breaking out of their shells to delight children of all ages. Celebrating for an older crowd? Men’s cake designs include Star Wars and sports team themes, while women often enjoy cakes shaped like family pets, regency dresses, or inspired by modern fashion. Regardless of age, a custom creation from Ron Ben Israel will become the centerpiece of your birthday bash.

Ron Ben Israel Graduation Cakes

Ron Ben Israel cakes can be tailored to reflect the interests of the celebrant at your next graduation party, too. The bibliophile will love a towering stack of books, the aspiring superstar will adore a Broadway inspired cake, and the traveler will want to take their suitcase shaped cake with them. Feeling a little more traditional? Commission a cake with the grad’s college sports team on it instead.

Ron Ben Israel Baby Shower Cakes

Woodland creature themed baby showers, which have taken over Pinterest, are often completed with a bunny cake like this one. Ocean themed showers featuring whale shaped cakes are rising in popularity among expecting mothers, too. You can instead choose to create a more traditional cake with the Ron Ben Israel bakers by incorporating family favorites like rubber duckies, building blocks, and strollers.

Ron Ben Israel Wedding Cakes

Planning an opulent summer wedding, where the bride arrives in a horse drawn carriage and massive ball gown? Choose one of the cakes from Ron Ben Israel’s Bling Collection, where glitter, drama, and gold filigree come together. An autumn ceremony would be beautifully accented by a cake that includes fall leaves and acorns in place of traditional flowers.

Winter weddings will be accentuated by a seasonal cake glimmering with delicate sugar snowflakes. What about a sweet spring fling? A joyful yellow cake with an idyllic white fence and flowers may be just the ticket. No matter the season or the theme, the master bakers at Ron Ben Israel are here to make your dreams come to life.

How to Order Ron Ben Israel Cakes

To begin your ordering process, you can either submit a query on their online form or call their offices to set up a cake tasting and design appointment. If email is more your thing, you can send your general inquiries or book an appointment at Most appointments are held Monday through Friday during normal working hours, though there are shortened appointment hours Mondays through Thursdays during the busy season.

Most customers prefer to book a design appointment six months to a year in advance, but the bakers at Ron Ben Israel have been known to pull an all nighter for last minute inquiries as well. The address and phone number for Ron Ben Israel’s bakery and showroom is:

247 West 38th St, Floor Thirteen
NY, New York 10018
Phone: (212) 625 3369

Once you taste a refined, elegant cake from Ron Ben Israel, you must drop us a comment about how heavenly it was and what you thought of the Ron Ben Israel cakes prices!