Cakes from Mr. Baker are priced between $24.50 and $138.85, depending on the number of kilos and collection type. Confections from their Celebration Cakes collection run at a higher price, but come with trendy designs, while the cakes from the Mr. Baker Signature Cakes collection are lower priced and elegantly minimalist to fit into any festivities. We will tell you all about Mr. Baker cakes prices, designs, and how you can order the cakes.

Mr. Baker Cakes Prices

Mr. Baker Celebration Cakes
2 Kilo Square Instagram Cake (Serves 24 to 32) $81.68
2 Kilo Chocolate Heart Box Cake (Serves 24 to 32) $92.57
2 Kilo Minion Cake (Serves 24 to 32) $92.57
2 Kilo Police Uniform Cake (Serves 24 to 32) $92.57
2 Kilo Chocolate Heart Cake (Serves 20 to 30) $92.57
2 Kilo Heart Chocolate M&M Cake (Serves 20 to 30) $98.01
3 Kilo Football Jersey Cake (Serves 36 to 48) $138.85
Mr. Baker Unique Signature Cakes
1 Kilo Chocolate Truffle Heart Cake (Serves 12 to 16) $27.23
1 Kilo Tiramisu Cake (Serves 10 to 14) $32.67
1 Kilo Rose Swirl Cake (Serves 12 to 16) $35.39
2 Kilo Black Forest Cake (Serves 40 to 60) $54.45
Mr. Baker Signature Fruit Cakes
1 Kilo Strawberry Cake (Serves 12 to 16) $24.50
1 Kilo Florida Cake (Serves 12 to 16) $27.23
1 Kilo Rose Cake (Serves 12 to 16) $38.12
Mr. Baker Signature Sweet Cakes
1 Kilo Butterscotch Cake (Serves 12 to 16) $24.50
1 Kilo Honey Cake (Serves 12 to 16) $27.23
1 Kilo Red Velvet Cake (Serves 12 to 16) $32.67
1 Kilo Almond Chocolate Orange Cake (Serves 12 to 16) $38.12
2 Kilo Chocolate Truffle Cake (Serves 24 to 32) $54.45
2 Kilo Chocolate Fudge Cake (Serves 24 to 32) $65.34
2 Kilo Triple Chocolate Cake (Serves 24 to 32) $76.23

Mr. Baker Cake Designs

Cakes from Mr. Baker come in many shapes, including round, square, heart shaped, and even shirt shaped. All shapes come with elegant and tasteful decorations consisting of fruit, chocolate candies, or delicate iced designs. Regardless of your celebration, Mr. Baker will be able to provide a cake to meet your needs at a price you can agree on.

Cakes from their bakery range in size from one to three kilograms, so you will be able to cater large and small gatherings with only one cake. Look through their online cake catalog to get an idea of the options from both of the Mr. Baker collections.

Mr. Baker Birthday Cakes

Throwing a Despicable Me party for your little tyke? A Bob the Minion shaped cake will dazzle your children, as well as 32 guests, for $92.57. A fun, fruity alternative for your kids’ friends would be a $54.45 Florida cake, which has the added benefit of less sugary frosting. Chocoholics young and old will adore a heart shaped chocolate box cake to feed 24 to 32 for $92.57, or a lotus biscuit no bake cake a savory option for $76.23, if your birthday bash isn’t meant to be covered in sweets.

Mr. Baker Graduation Cakes

Trying to celebrate your child’s high school milestone with a spectacular sports themed grad party? Think about a sports jersey cake. Perfect for massive parties, the jersey cake can satisfy 48 people at $138.85, which is less than $3 a slice. Instagram obsessed graduates will die for an Insta-logo at their grad party; the $81.68 price tag ensures you won’t pay an arm and a leg for their happiness. One Insta-logo can feed 32 party people, making it a great option for smaller celebrations without sacrificing any of the graduate’s style.

Mr. Baker Baby Shower Cakes

In the last few years, expecting mothers have begun to refer to their babies as “peanuts”, especially before knowing the gender. This new trend takes on a whole new life with heart shaped peanut M&M cakes, which are perfect for smaller baby showers of 32 at $98.01. A rainbow cake is an excellent way to keep the gender a secret at a large shower, also priced at $98.01 to satisfy 48 well wishers. Grab-and-go confections from Mr. Baker like butterscotch cakes and rose swirl cakes range from $24.50 to $70.40, making them efficient dessert options for last minute or surprise showers.

Mr. Baker Wedding Cakes

A summer wedding ceremony would be perfectly accented by a fresh strawberry cake from Mr. Baker, priced at %54.45 for 24 to 32 servings. Spring flings of a similar size will be better accentuated by a $76.23 rose cake, made with actual rose petals. For an intimate winter woodland themed wedding, planned for only close friends and family, you should try a honey cake topped with real honeycomb for $27.23. Small fall affairs are the arenas for almond choco-orange cakes, bursting with autumn flavors for $38.12.

How to Order Mr. Baker Cakes

Mr. Baker has integrated online ordering into their product catalog, so you can complete your purchase without ever needing to enter their physical shop. Any questions, allergies, or delivery needs can be noted through their online contact form or over their email. Orders can be conducted over the phone or in shop, at any of the Mr. Baker locations across the UAE.

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The general contact information for the three main Mr. Baker locations is:

Hor Al Anz/Deira
Abu Bakr Al Siddique Road
Hours: 07:00 AM – 12:00 AM
Phone: 00971 4 2972332

Al Qusais
Amman Street
Hours: 07:00 AM – 12:00 AM
Phone: 00971 4 2984661

Zabeel Road
Hours: 08:00 AM – 03:00 AM
Phone: 00971 4 3368292

For Online Orders:
Phone: 042624150 (extension 135)

After ordering and devouring some delicious Mr. Baker cakes, let us know your favorite drool-worthy flavor in a comment! Are you satisfied with the Mr. Baker cakes prices?