Kentucky Fried Chicken might mostly be known for the deep fried chicken that they get their name from, but KFC also makes many other delicious types of food. In their dessert section, customers can pick from cookies, cakes, and ice cream. Though KFC ice cream is not available at every restaurant, it can be found in many locations. You can pick from a few flavors and several tasty mix-in options. In this article, we provide information on KFC ice cream prices, flavors, toppings, and more. Keep reading to find out what ice cream treats are available at a KFC near you.

KFC Ice Cream Prices

Note: The prices below are approximate. They will vary according to store location and the country where you purchase your ice cream treats from.

KFC Ice Cream
Soft Serve Cone (small) $0.50
Soft Serve Cone (regular) $0.80
Kream Ball Meal Add-on $2.49
Kream Ball $2.99
KFC Sundaes
Ice Cream Sundae $1.25
KFC Ice Cream Drinks
KFC Float $1.50
KFC Krusher $1.50

KFC Ice Cream Flavors

KFC’s ice cream options include soft serve cones and Kream Balls. The soft serve cones are available in a small and a regular, and they are only sold in a vanilla flavor. If you do not want a cone, or would like more flavors, you can order a Kream Ball. This is soft serve ice cream inside of a globe-shaped plastic container. The vanilla ice cream is flavored with the addition of sauces and other mix-ins.

KFC Chocolate Kream Ball

Kream Balls can be purchased in caramel fudge, chocolate hazelnut, or strawberry shortcake flavors. The caramel fudge Kream Ball is a mixture of vanilla soft serve, caramel sauce, and ginger snaps. Vanilla ice cream, brownie bits, and chocolate hazelnut sauce are mixed together to form the chocolate hazelnut Kream Ball. For the strawberry shortcake-flavored Kream Ball, KFC combines strawberry sauce and strawberry short cake.

Most of the KFC restaurants in Canada, South America, and Asia sell ice cream, but it can be difficult to find United States restaurants that serve ice cream. You can check the dessert menu for a KFC near you to see which ice cream options they have.

KFC Ice Cream Toppings

Almost all KFC restaurants that serve ice cream will have at least chocolate sauce and strawberry sauce available in case you want a little more flavor for your ice cream. Getting sauce added on your ice cream is just a few additional cents. In some KFC locations, you can ask employees to customize your Kream Balls by combining various flavors and toppings. Depending on location, other additional toppings for ice cream may include fresh fruit, cookies, cake, brownies, chocolate candies, or sprinkles.

KFC Ice Cream

Customers can also purchase any of the cookies or cakes on the menu to mix into their Kream Balls. Check the KFC dessert menu for your location to see which toppings are available.

KFC Sundaes

The Kream Balls are somewhat like sundaes, but they are generally mixed a little more thoroughly than a classic ice cream sundae. If you want a traditional sundae, you will have to visit one of the KFC restaurants in the Caribbean or South American regions. KFC sundaes are plastic containers filled with soft serve ice cream and topped with sauces.

KFC Strawberry sundae

Customers can choose from a chocolate ice cream sundae or a strawberry ice cream sundae. Some of the sundaes may have a base of fruit or cake, and some restaurants have marketing deals that allow them to include popular candies in their ice cream sundaes.

KFC Frozen Treats

In some restaurants, customers can try a tasty float from KFC if they want a drink that contains ice cream. This is a flavored drink filled with crushed ice and topped with vanilla soft serve. KFC float flavors include Tropical, Grape, Mango, Lemonade, and Mocha. These are only sold in a single size, and all flavors cost the same amount. The ice cream floats cannot be found in North America, and they are mostly available in Southeast Asian countries. Exact price will vary a little depending on conversion rates and location, but the KFC ice cream floats cost typically between $1 and $1.50.

Another tasty option for KFC customers are the KFC Krushers. These are blended drinks that contain ice cream, dairy, and flavoring items. Krushers come in Strawberry, Choc Mint, Oreo, Mango, or KookiesnKream. Krushers flavors tend to be seasonal, so they might not always be available.

Where to Find KFC Ice Creams

KFC ice cream is mostly available at international locations outside of the United States. You can use the KFC store locator to find restaurants that serve ice cream. If you have any questions about KFC ice cream prices or flavors, contact the company through one of these methods.

KFC Phone Number: 1-800-CALL-KFC

KFC Official Website

KFC Contact Page

KFC Address: KFC Management Office800 Virginia Ave,Fort Pierce, FL 34982

Though it can be hard to find a KFC location that sells ice cream, it is very affordable and appealing. There are many different toppings you can add to it, so customers can enjoy a variety of tasty treats after their KFC meal. Have you ever tried the KFC ice cream before? What do you think of the KFC ice cream prices? Leave a comment below!

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