The Hobnob Bakery is a premier cake maker in Karachi, Pakistan. Hobnob cakes begin at $22 and can top out at more than $200, as dependent on size, shape, decorations, and shipping options. In this guide, we’ll tell you more about the Hobnob cakes prices. Moreover, we’ll provide a list of cake designs and flavors, and we’ll talk about the ordering process.

Hobnob Cakes Prices

Hobnob Chocolate Cakes
2 Pound Double Fudge Cake (Serves 10 to 16) $23.00
2 Pound Chocolate Brownie Cake (Serves 10 to 16) $20.06
3 Pound Death by Chocolate Cake (Serves 14 to 22) $27.78
2 Pound Chocolate Éclair Cake (Serves 10 to 14) $29.99
4 Pound Double Fudge Cake (Serves 20 to 32) $35.00
2 Pound Chocolate Malt Cake (Serves 10 to 14) $35.30
2 Pound Kit Kat Cake (Serves 10 to 14) $38.99
Hobnob Savory Cakes
2 Pound Coffee Crunch Cake (serves 10 to 16) $15.42
2 Pound Coffee Caramel, Raffaello, or Toffee Crunch Cake (Serves 10 to 16) $20.06
2 Pounds Vanilla Wafer Cake (Serves 10 to 16) $24.00
2 Pound Black Currant or Red Velvet Cakes (Serves 8 to 12) $29.99
2 Pound Coffee Caramel Cream Cake (Serves 8 to 12) $31.75
Hobnob Shaped Cakes
4 Pound Batman Cake (Serves 20 to 28) $41.67
8 Pound Dora Cake (Serves 40 to 56) $64.02
6 Pound Digit Birthday Cake (Serves 28 to 44) $72.25
8 Pound Spongebob Cake (Serves 40 to 50) $83.36
8 Pound Home Cake (Serves 40 to 50) $84.91
Hobnob Photo Cakes
6 Pound Personal Photo Cake (Serves 28 to 44) $55.50
8 Pound Personal Photo Cake (Serves 40 to 56) $89.54

Hobnob Cake Designs

Aside from their all occasion cakes that can be delivered on the same day, Hobnob Bakery revels in crafting new and interesting cake designs to fit your needs. Some favorite creations among the bakers include cakes shaped like: shirts, sharks, shoes, rose gardens, or angry cupcakes.

Whatever your needs, from elaborate custom designs to casual cravings, Hobnob Bakery is there to create the cake of your dreams.

Hobnob Bakery Birthday Cakes

A silly picture cake bearing the face of the birthday boy can incite more than a few giggles at your next party. Younger boys and girls will love Strawberry Shortcake and Cars themed cakes at their birthday party. Older teens may want something a little larger, like a diamond studded or Shark Week inspired creation.

Need an option that is appropriate for all ages and genders? A ribbon cake is your best bet for a celebrant who is not picky or loves bright colors. More intimate birthday parties will benefit from a 4.4 pound cake, which will feed 20 to 32 guests for $34 to $40.

Hobnob Bakery Graduation Cakes

An elegant pastel cake, topped with light pink roses, may be the perfect thing to set the mood at your black tie graduation party. Those with a more casual occasion in mind may wish to tailor the cake to their graduate. Movie aficionados will adore pop corn and film reels on their confections, while a lover of luxury goods will find solace in a cake topped with a Rolex and the latest iPhone.

Massive graduation events can be managed for less than you’d think – starting at 20.8 pounds of cake to serve 100 at a price of $160 or more.

Hobnob Bakery Baby Shower Cakes

Safari cakes – bedecked with giraffes, zebra, lions, and palm fronds – are quickly becoming a go to theme for expecting mothers. Similar cakes, with themes like fresh from the farm, have recently ascended to popularity alongside timeless classics like Disney characters.

Traditional pink or blue cakes can be provided from Hobnob Bakery, for those who aren’t looking for too much pizzazz. For small showers, go for a 2.2 pound cake to feed roughly 10 to 16 guests, which will cost between $22 and $31.

Hobnob Bakery Wedding Cakes

Delicate orange roses and uniquely teardrop shaped tiers make this pearl studded custom creation a cake that every autumn wedding needs. A winter wedding with an elegant, royal theme will be well accented by a three tiered cake draped with deep purple dahlias.

Summer ceremonies and spring flings will both benefit from six tiered fondant creations, attractively draped with roses or wildflowers. All custom cakes begin at $9.25 per pound, so small ceremonies of 50 guests will be just as easy to afford as larger receptions.

How to Order Hobnob Bakery Cakes

Hobnob Bakery does not have a formal website, so you must visit one of their locations or call their number at +92 21 35834592. The four Hobnob Bakeries in Karachi can be found at:

  • Clifton Block 2, Service Dr
  • Tipu Sultan Rd
  • Bahadur Shah Zafar Road
  • Rashid Minhas Rd

If you aren’t feeling up to visiting one of their locations, you are in luck – there are multiple sites providing Hobnob cakes delivery throughout Pakistan. Sites like Pakistani Gifts Online, International Gift Service, and Express Gift Service can deliver a Hobnob cake right to your door on the same day you order it.

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Regardless of whether you made the trip or not, you need to get a forkful of one of the mouthwatering creations from Hobnob Bakery; let us know below just how astonishingly tasty it was and what you thought of the Hobnob cakes prices!