Great American Cookie cake prices range from $27.99 to $65.98, depending on the number of tiers, type of batter, and add-ins. The cookie cakes come in four shapes: round, heart, square, and rectangle. Look below for more information on Great American Cookie cakes prices, designs, and ordering process.

Great American Cookie Cake Prices

16″ Round Great American Cakes (Serves 8-16)
One Tier $27.99
Two Tiers $49.98
Heart Shaped Great American Cookie Cakes (Serves 8-16)
One Tier with Original Chocolate Chip Batter $29.99
Two Tiers with Double Fudge Batter $32.99
Great American Cookie Rectangular Cakes (Serves 24-30)
One Tier with Original Chocolate Chip Batter $35.99
Two Tiers with Original Chocolate Chip Batter $59.98
One Tier with Oatmeal Raisin Walnut Batter $38.99
Two Tiers with Oatmeal Raisin Walnut Batter $62.98
Great American Cookie Square Cakes (Serves 18-22)
One Tier with Original Chocolate Chip Batter $29.99
Two Tiers with Sugar Cookie Batter $53.98

Great American Cookie Cake Designs

With hundreds of Great American Cookie cake designs, the online catalog is quite expansive. Seasonal icing designs can illustrate winter snowmen, spring bunnies, fall turkeys, and summer fireworks. Masculine and feminine design options for birthdays include roses, monsters, unicorns, and trucks. Cookie cakes decorated for engagements are becoming popular, as well as for baby showers and graduations.

Great American Cookie cake prices reflect the variety of designs available, with a multitude of batter and add-in choices to customize the order. Batter options include original chocolate chip, double fudge, oatmeal walnut raisin, and sugar. M&Ms can be dropped into any batter mix for only $3.00.

Great American Cookie Birthday Cakes

For youth birthday, Great American Cookie cakes are a wonderful alternative to traditional cakes. Designs like fire trucks, one eyed monsters, and dinosaurs are popular among boys; girls often prefer heart shaped cakes with ponies, floral designs, or fluffy animals. Adults can take advantage of slightly more mature designs including anchors, “Over the Hill” illustrations, and sports paraphernalia.

A square cake that feeds 18 to 22 could cost you between $29.99 for an original chocolate chip with a single tier, up to $56.98 for an oatmeal walnut raisin “double doozie” with M&Ms and two tiers.

If you want a cookie cake that is fully customized to the recipient, head into the nearest Great American Cookie location and have a discussion with one of the decorators; from team numbers and children’s caricatures to ballet designs, the ultimate birthday gift can be crafted in store.

Great American Cookie Graduation Cakes

Graduation parties packed with family and friends are events in which the rectangle cookie cake – capable of feeding 30 hungry guests – becomes a champion. The cookie cake starts at a measly $35.99 and tops out at $65.98, for a two tiered, double fudge monstrosity studded with M&Ms. Icing pigment can be tailored to reflect the school’s colors, while signature mascots, school insignia, and graduation caps are still go-to designs for cookie cakes.

Trendier graduates have recently given rise to Twitter handles on cakes, sports references, and designs tailored to their diverse interests. Or, go with a simple, classy “Class of…” cake in the grad’s favorite colors.

Great American Cookie Baby Shower Cakes

Looking to feed 16 at the baby shower of your dreams? A 16″ round cake, designed to fit the shower theme or iced with an iconic pink or blue diaper pin, is the perfect option. One tiered cakes begin at $27.99, with two tiers coming in at only $49.98. Traditional icing designs include storks, baby footprints, and rattles.

Recently, cookie cakes made to match the theme have achieved popularity – elephants, pandas, and foxes are among the most requested decorations. If something a little less declarative of the gender is your thing, yellow and green cakes have scaled the ranks, decorated with ducklings or forest scenes to eliminate any guesses on genders.

Great American Cookie Wedding Cakes

What better way to show the unique love shared by the happy couple than with a heart shaped cookie for a wedding cake? Prices are very friendly, with a cake capable of feeding 16 priced between $29.99 and $35.99, depending on how customized the bride and groom wish for it to be. Traditional white icing with designs like roses and lovebirds are always available.

If you are looking for ultra customized decorations, such as portraits of the bride and groom instead of actual cake toppers, your best bet would be to head into your nearest Great American Cookie location. Decorators in store are willing to work with you to create the most memorable wedding day possible.

How to Order Great American Cookie Cakes

Great American Cookie cake prices are a reflection of the adaptability and customization of each cake, ensuring that the ordering process for cookie cakes is simple. Just find your nearest location through their location finder, secure a pickup time, choose the cake shape, decide on a batter flavor and icing design, customize a message, and proceed to checkout. Through the online form, all batter types, tier options, and icing designs are shown clearly and with honest pricing.

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You can also head into the nearest Great American Cookie location and place an order in person, to get an idea of the capabilities of further cookie cake customization. With over 341 franchise locations in the United States (and 19 international locations), you are bound to find a Great American Cookie near you.

Great American Cookie cake prices are far lower than the competition, making them an attractive option for unique and frugal family gatherings. Click through their online order forms or visit one of the franchise locations to look through the cake shapes, multiple batter choices, and limitless design options.

After ordering your own delicious cookie cake to share with the family, let us know how your experience was in the comments down below.