Using beautiful cakes with designs the average imagination couldn’t dream up, Cakes by Karen will cater any party giving patrons a choice of cakes, cupcakes, pastries and cookies to embellish their main event. Patrons can purchase finished products for the following events and purposes:

  • All-occasions: weddings, graduations, retirements, anniversaries, etc.;
  • Seasonal: Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, Halloween, etc.); and
  • Digital photo: using photos, Cakes by Karen will custom-build cakes to the exact image the client provided.

Delivery and set up is available starting at a fee of $50. Patrons can order by telephone, online, and in the store. The order must be placed 12 – 16 weeks in advance.
They can also accommodate the following dietary restrictions: Kosher, gluten free, vegan, organic, vegetarian and lactose free. Customers should keep in mind that prices are subject to change without notice.

Cakes by Karen Prices

As shown in the chart below, general pricing ranges from $20.98 to $71.98. However, there isn’t a specific price listing, since they specialize in customized cakes made according to their client’s specifications. It’s not possible to lay out pricing for all the cakes that are available at Karen’s. For a general idea, people should use the pricing in the table below, keeping in mind that the customization will be charged accordingly. Also, prospective customers should call or go online to Cakes by Karen’s website to get specific pricing information.

Cake PriceExtra Filling
Round Cakes
6” Round - Serves: 4 - 5$20.98$2 more
8” Round - Serves: 10 - 12$26.98$2 more
10” Round - Serves: 15 - 20$39.98$2 more
Sheet Cakes
1/4 Sheet - Serves 15 - 18$27.98$2 more
1/2 Sheet - Serves 25 - 35$44.98$2 more
Full Sheet - Serves 75 - 95$71.98$6 more

Cakes by Karen Cake Designs

All of their cakes can be produced in numerous sizes and various shapes, including baby rattlers, lollipops, wrapped gifts, small basinets, T-shirts, bowls, blocks, animals, musical instruments, just to name a few. Cakes by Karen offers a special on cupcakes:

  • Order 6 or more of the same cupcake and the cost is $1.75/cupcake;
  • Order 3 – 5 of the same cupcake and the cost is $2.00/cupcake; and
  • Sample containers of 12 individual cupcakes are available for $27, but clients MUST give 24 hour notice and MUST pay cash only.

Cakes by Karen is the place to go if you want cakes for any and all occasions. Customers should browse through their photo gallery in their catalog to see all of their varieties of baked goods.

Cakes by Karen Birthday Cake

Clients will find a multitude of Karen birthday cakes from which to choose ranging from castles for little princesses to cars and buses, and everything in between. The selection of cakes is suitable for children, teenagers and adults and all cakes can be appropriately designed for the recipient.

Using digital photos and ornament toppings such as banners, streamers, balloons and bouquets, Karen’s birthday cakes will achieve the perfect look for each individual. With designs as unique as game boards, people in gyms exercising, and cartoon characters, all guests will surely enjoy viewing and eating these cakes!

Cakes by Karen Graduation Cake

For that special day that reaches a milestone for teenagers, how about a Karen’s cake made in the shape of a diploma? If they’re entering into medical school, how about a cake in the image of a nurse’s or doctor’s shirt with all their medical instruments? The endless design possibilities for graduation cakes show the unbelievable creativity of Karen’s bakers. At Karen’s you can order graduation cakes made using the graduation cap and tassel in a variety of delightful ways.

Cakes by Karen Baby Shower Cake

This category offers patrons a satisfying assortment of baby booties and basinets. Of course, customers can choose from a variety of designs that come with cute babies along with any of the favorite cartoon and storybook characters that come to mind. Beautiful scenes of circuses and fairy tale stories can surround the babies. Karen can also design lovely scenes that include mother and baby alone. Cakes by Karen will construct wonderful baby shower cakes for either boys or girls. If customers don’t find what they want when scrolling through all the images provided, they’ll be happy to accommodate whatever idea they have in mind. Those who are looking for classic baby shower designs at affordable prices can also take a look at Carlo’s bakery’s cakes.

Cakes by Karen Wedding Cake

Here’s where one looks for elegance and sophistication. All brides definitely want a uniquely finished product exemplifying their own personal touch. Karen’s wedding cakes are creatively adorned with roses, tulips and a variety of other flowers. They come in 2 – 4 tiers in any shape and style requested. Cakes by Karen can use a variety of soft or vibrant colors to bring out the expressions of that special day. So, brides and grooms can choose the best color patterns that communicate their moods. Karen can use crystal ornaments in clear and bronze colors as decorations to give the cake an elaborate and glorious appearance. As with all other Karen’s cakes, brides and grooms will find whatever their hearts desire!

How to Order Cakes by Karen

Cakes by Karen’s address is in Highland, Indiana, at 8632 Kennedy Avenue, Highland, IN 46322. Customers can go directly to this address, or discuss and place an order by calling them at 219-838-2310. Clients can also directly email at their email address ( via the Contact us form to find out more details about the cakes they want to order. On their website, several order forms are available for download.

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Karen’s cakes are available in 15 different customizable flavors with numerous fillings. They offer private tastings for a fee and they also have ready-made cakes to choose from. Keep in mind that delivery and setup is available at a starting fee of $50. Unfortunately, specific prices can’t be given other than the general pricing in the above chart. Karen produces most of the orders according to each customer’s specifications. This means there will be different prices for different orders. The only way to get an exact price, customers will have to call and discuss their requests. Do you have any experience with Cakes by Karen? Use the comment form below to share your opinion!