Marks and Spencer has a reputation for beautifully designed cakes that are appropriate for a variety of occasions. Their website makes it very easy to find the right cake for any occasion. Customers can sort by category, days to collect, product fillings, lifestyle, serving size, and price. All of these categories make it easy to figure out which of their approximately 190 cakes is best for any given celebration. Marks and Spencer cakes prices are easy to understand as well. Customers can sort and filter by this measure to find the cake that fits their budget the best. Additionally, customers never have to wonder how long until their cake is ready because that information is posted on each cake.

Marks and Spencer Cakes Prices

Type of cakePrice
Marks and Spencer Kids’ Cakes£20.00 – £45.00
Wedding Cakes£8.00 – £219.00
Tiered Cakes£8.00 – £375.00
Savoury Cakes£89 – £155.00

Marks and Spencer Cake Designs

Choosing which cake to serve at the next party is a big task for the host. Many options can make the process easier, especially when it is possible to narrow them down easily with filters. Number-shaped cakes for birthdays, tiered cakes for weddings, and savory cakes for the guest of honor without a sweet tooth are the main categories on the Marks and Spencer website. They also offer a do-it-yourself version of tiered cakes by selling the individual layers and accessories needed to assemble them to the preferred height. Celebrating a birthday, baby or wedding shower, graduation, or anniversary with cake from Marks and Spencer is easy to do. Moreover, Marks and Spencer cakes prices are very affordable.

Marks and Spencer Birthday Cake

Browsing the 27 birthday cakes may take a while, but it is helpful to make sure the birthday guest of honor gets the cake they want. Number-shaped cakes are very popular for celebrating milestone birthdays. If the birthday boy or girl is over 10, then you can purchase two cakes for the side-by-side display of their age. There are also several animal-shaped cakes such as pig and piglet, butterfly, caterpillar, dinosaur, and bear. For a more ambitious cake display, there are grander-shaped cakes available as well. They include sports boots, cycling, a princess castle, and a pirate ship.

Marks and Spencer cakes prices range from £20.00 to £45.00. It is important to note the delivery times for each cake. Most of the cakes in the birthday category require a seven-day advance order after they will pick up them in the local Marks and Spencer. If you want to see more colorful birthday cakes for kids, you can take a look at our Tesco cakes post.

Marks and Spencer Graduation Cake

Personalizing a cake for a graduation celebration is an easy way to give a personal touch to a store-bought cake. There are several Marks and Spencer cakes that would be appropriate for this momentous occasion. The Congratulations Bar Cake has plenty of space for a personal message, serves up to 36 people, and costs £35.00. For a graduate with a chocolatey taste, the Extremely Chocolatey Party Cake serves 25 guests and has room for a 40-character message. A double-number cake would also be excellent for commemorating the year of graduation. This design is ready in seven days and costs £50.00.
Also, you can place your order online with enough time for the cake to make and shipped to the nearest Marks and Spencer.

Marks and Spencer Baby Shower Cake

Choosing a baby shower cake is fun because of the many possibilities. Will a little girl grow up to become a ballet dancer or enjoy playing with make-up? Will a little boy grow up to be a firefighter or to enjoy a game of golf?
You can collect the majority of cakes for a baby shower in seven days. This makes it easy to plan even a last-minute event should the baby choose to come earlier than expected. All the host has to do is designate someone to pick up the cake on the scheduled day.

Wedding Cake

A unique opportunity that Marks and Spencer’s offer is the ability to order tasting cakes. Also, these are small, four-portion cakes that come in a variety of flavor combinations so bridal parties can choose their cake based on personal preference. Then, they cost between £4 and £5 and you can deliver them in seven days to the nearest store. Also, the actual wedding cakes take more planning though and require a 21-day wait so that you can collect them.  Moreover, if time is short, brides can choose to purchase white cake tiers in three sizes and the accessories necessary to assemble them into a larger masterpiece. So, these only require seven days of waiting. Mini cupcakes and flowers are possible decorations for these cakes.

How to Order 

Of course, to order a Marks and Spencer cake, customers need to browse the website and filter by the various categories, like price, occasion, filling, etc… to find the one that will be the best fit for their celebration. Also, they can check out and create an account or use the guest checkout instead. Then, they can select the location nearest them or their venue to schedule the cake collection.

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Above all, the ordering process is incredibly simple thanks to an elegant website design. Also, with over 190 cakes to choose from, you can be sure you will find the right one for any event. Moreover, we would love to hear about your experience with the Marks and Spencer cakes and Marks and Spencer cakes prices. So, leave a comment and let us know what you thought.