The small locations and speedy drive-thrus at Checkers allow them to offer very affordable prices for their tasty food. To accompany their delicious burgers and fries, Checkers also sells classic milkshakes with several flavors and toppings. These tend to cost between $1.69 and $4.78 depending on which one of the milkshake options you choose. You can learn all about the Checkers milkshakes prices in this article. We will provide detailed costs for each Checkers milkshake type, and we will also share information about the nutritional content of all Checkers shakes.

Checkers Milkshakes Prices

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Checkers Milkshake Flavors

When you are craving a milkshake, Checkers has plenty of options to pick from. In addition to all their classic flavors, they also have many special shake flavors that are available for a limited time only. These come in tiny snack sizes or hefty large sizes, so you can enjoy a small treat or splurge on a large shake, and they all contain Checkers ice cream. The Checkers milkshakes prices will depend on the flavor you get.

Checkers Standard Milkshakes

The standard Checkers milkshake flavors are for sale at any time of the year. The company sells four different milkshake options, so customers can pick from vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, or banana. They are made from a proprietary milkshake blend loaded with creamy dairy and sweet flavors. You can order these shakes in a snack size, small size, medium size, or large size. Depending on your size, Checkers milkshakes prices range from $1.69 to $3.99, but each flavor has the same price.

Checkers Loaded Milkshakes

Loaded milkshakes combine the tastiness of classic Checkers milkshakes with layers of flavored sauce, cookies and candy, and extra ice cream. They are all topped with whipped cream and additional toppings. The exact flavors available for the loaded milkshakes can change depending on which companies have licensing deals with Checkers.

There is always a banana split flavor, and other options can include varieties like Oreo Fudge or Twix caramel cheesecake. You can check their website to see which flavors are available. Loaded shakes are pricier due to their extra ingredients, but even the most expensive is still under $5.00.

Checkers Milkshake Add-Ins and Customization Options

Checkers standard milkshakes do not include any additional customization options, because the employees have to use the pre-measured and pre-mixed ingredients for each shake. You can ask for whipped cream topping on the standard shakes if you are willing to pay more.

There are a few more opportunities available for customization when you order one of the loaded milkshakes. You can ask to add or leave out some of the sauces or fillings in the shake, and some accommodating employees will even let you change the base milkshake flavor. Additional ingredients may cost a few cents more. Your choices will only be limited by Checkers current available milkshakes, since some ingredients may not be in stock during certain times of the year. Keep in mind that employees may not be able to customize your milkshake during peak hours.

Checkers Milkshakes – Nutritional Information

Checkers milkshake nutritional content varies depending on what flavor and size you choose, though they generally have between 390 and 590 calories. Here are the nutritional details on the small standard and loaded milkshakes.
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Look up your specific milkshake order on the Checkers website to find information on other milkshake sizes, or different specialty flavors.

Checkers Contact Information and Useful Links

Checkers will provide even more information to customers who contact them. Use these contact methods to get in touch with Checkers if you have any other questions about the Checkers milkshakes prices, ingredients, or flavors.

Checkers Phone Number: 1-800-800-8072
Checkers Official Website
Checkers Contact Page
Checkers Facebook Page
Checkers Twitter Page

Checkers milkshakes are very reasonably priced, and they have a decent selection of flavors. You can get a simple, classic shake, or you can order a gourmet milkshake loaded with toppings. Have you tried a Checkers milkshake before? Leave us a message below to tell us what you thought of the Checkers milkshakes prices and flavors.