There are more than 400 Stop and Shop bakeries across the country.  The primary location of the Stop and Shop bakery is in the Northeast of the United States. The business has undergone multiple rebranding and organizational changes throughout the years.

This bakery is popular with many people since it offers delectable pastries at affordable prices and satisfies the cravings and expectations of its customers. 

Stop and Shop Cake Prices

Prices at Stop and Shop can differ depending on their sizes and designs. Find out more about their cake prices below:

Cake TypePrices
Stop and Shop Custom Sheet Cake 1 Layer – ½ Sheet$35
Stop and Shop Custom Sheet Cake 1 Layer – ¼ Sheet$21
Stop and Shop Custom Sheet Cake 1 Layer – Full Sheet$47
Stop and Shop Custom Decorated Cake Round 2 Layer$17
Custom Sheet Cake 2 Layer – ½ Sheet$48
Stop and Shop Custom Sheet Cake 2 Layer – ¼ Sheet$31
Custom Sheet Cake 2 Layer – Full Sheet$67
Stop and Shop Novelty Cakes$28
Carvel Ice Cream Cakes$15

Stop and Shop Cake Designs

Depending on the occasion, Stop and Shop bakery offers a variety of designs. Including weddings, graduations, birthdays, and even baby showers. Stop and Shop will meet your expectations with their expertise in customizing your preferred style.

As you know, it might be harder to find attractive and high-quality cakes for adults in a market where cakes for kids are more popular. Your guests will surely appreciate the beauty and great flavor of the Stop and Shop cakes. 

Wedding Cakes

Wedding cakes are so amazing for how versatile they are. Each couple can find a beautiful wedding cake design at Stop and Shop Bakery. Moreover, if they want a personalized idea, they can rely on the shop how to create it without a doubt. 

A white wedding cake is typically the most popular wedding cake design. White vanilla buttercream, which is applied outside traditional wedding cakes with an icing spatula, has long been a staple. The white frosting is piped on the edges to embellish the white tiers.

Another option is to simply choose a cake that both of you will like, such as one in your preferred flavors or colors. And if your wedding is just intimate or you don’t want a particularly extravagant cake, you can choose a basic round cake and decorate it with things that complement your wedding’s theme, such as a photo of the two of you.

However, most modern couples prefer a stunning cake design as the wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for them, so why not go for it? One of the examples you might use is the cake design below.

3 tier wedding cake

Graduation Cakes

The cake is frequently used as a symbol of happiness. Graduation cakes are a favorite at Stop & Shop Bakery since they bring family members together to celebrate and show their appreciation for the graduate.

Cakes with a cap and gown or cakes with the school’s colors are typical graduation cake designs. You can choose a readymade graduation cake if you’re in a hurry, but if you have the time, Stop and Shop bake highly suggest customizing the cake to give the graduate a memorable cake.

stop and shop bakery

Birthday Cakes

A birthday is an occasion to celebrate birth. It is a gratitude towards God for your existence and continuing life. It is also a chance for you to reconsider your life. It’s a perfect opportunity to consider your past, assess your current, and formulate goals for the future.

If you want to celebrate your birthday with your ideal birthday cake, consider the Stop and Shop Bakery in creating your dream design. As you already know, they are not just skillful in creating unique designs, but the taste and price are incredible. Don’t miss them for your birthday cake!

stop and shop bakery

Baby Shower Cakes

A baby shower is generally to celebrate the upcoming birth of a new child. It also gives friends and relatives a chance to help the new parents with anything they need. One highlight of every baby shower is a lavish cake. The baby shower cake is significant since it brings sweetness and joy to the occasion.

Stop and Shop bakery will help you make your guests happy on that valuable day with their creative cake designs. You can request whatever style you want, depending on the gender of the baby. 

stop and shop bakery

How to Order Stop and Shop Bakery Cakes

We would love to hear something from you about their cakes! And what do you think about the Stop and Shop designs and prices? Please click the contact page to visit this site for orders and reservations. We are excited for you to try their delicious cakes! 

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