Slappy Cakes is an American restaurant specializing in comfort food. They boast fresh and simple ingredients, with dishes made from scratch using local, sustainable, and seasonal ingredients, dairy, and meats. One of the most noteworthy things about Slappy’s is that they allow you to make your own pancakes — right at the table!

Though their menu varies depending on location — and they have chains all around the world — their pricing tends to range from $10.00 to just under $15.00, with $2.00 pancake fixings.

Their pancake menu options include:

  • Make your own pancakes;
  • Stack of three pancakes from the kitchen;

Read on to find out more about the amazing Slappy pancakes, and how you can customize them for your next special event.

Slappy Cakes Prices

In comparison to other breakfast chain restaurants, where pricing for pancake breakfasts can start at around $8.00 — without even letting you build your own — Slappy’s is an inexpensive and fun option for all-day breakfast dining. Slappy Cakes’ pricing and menu options vary by location. For this article, we used their Portland, OR restaurant’s menu as a reference. See below an overview of the Slappy Cakes prices, as well as the pricing for their toppings and fixings:

Type of cake Price
Slappy Stacks of Pancakes
The Classic $10.00
Blueberry Tart $10.00
#TCB $10.00
Strawberry Shortcake $10.00
Too Much Chocolate $10.00
Savory Cakes $10.00
Slappy Round Batter
Buttermilk $6.75
Chocolate $6.75
Peanut Butter $6.75
Seasonal $6.75
Vegan/Gluten-Free $6.75
Slappy Fixings
Chocolate Chips $2.00
White Chocolate Chips $2.00
Butterscotch Chips $2.00
Peanut Butter Chips $2.00
Strawberries $2.00
Apples $2.00
Bananas $2.00
Shredded Coconut $2.00
Toasted Almonds $2.00
Hazelnuts $2.00
Walnuts $2.00
Pecans $2.00
Crispy Bacon $2.00
Crumbled Sausage $2.00
Chorizo $2.00
Field Roast Vegan Sausage $2.00
Cheddar Cheese $2.00
Roasted Mushrooms $2.00
Chopped Scallions $2.00
Avocado $2.00
Slappy Toppings
Lavender Honey $2.00
Peanut Butter $2.00
Lemon Curd $2.00
Organic Chocolate Syrup $2.00
Cinnamon Sugar Crème Fraîche $2.00
Whipped Cream $2.00
Organic Yogurt $2.00
100% Organic Maple Syrup $2.00
Chocolate Hazelnut Spread $2.00
Local Goat Cheese $2.00
Savory Mornay $2.00
Coconut Syrup $2.00

Slappy Cake Designs

Slappy’s novelty make your own pancakes feature is unique; most chain breakfast restaurants definitely don’t have griddles at each table! They have everything you could possibly think of for you to design your favorite pancakes combo, from sweet items like chocolate chips and fruit to savory items like nuts and cheese.

First you choose your batter. They have five batter options (buttermilk, chocolate, peanut butter, seasonal flavors, and vegan or gluten-free batter. ( Each batter option costs $2.00. Next, choose your fixings. Slappy’s offers over 20 sweet and savory fixings, like chocolate chips, fresh fruit, crispy bacon, and avocado. Each fixing is $2.00. Finally, you can add toppings for $2.00 each. There are 12 toppings available — everything from the classic maple syrup to lavender honey or local goat cheese. Using the griddle in the middle of your table, you can cook your own pancakes using the how-to instructions. You can see an overview of the various batters, stir-in fixings, and toppings they offer in the Slappy cakes prices table above.

Slappy Birthday Cake

If you want to celebrate your birthday with delicious pancakes made of local ingredients, Slappy’s is happy to make you pancakes in their kitchen the old-fashioned way. Their pancake plates come as a stack of three. Slappy cakes can be made as gluten-free or vegan, depending on your needs. You can order a more traditional stack of three, or one of their fresh and unique creations, like the #TCB — peanut butter pancakes with bacon, bananas and lavender honey.

Ask the staff to write your very own special “Happy Birthday” message on your stack from the kitchen, a delightful way to celebrate birthdays for all ages. Or, to ring in the next year of your life in a really unique way, ask the staff about a birthday cake made entirely of — you guessed it — pancakes!

Slappy Graduation Cake

Outdo the traditional graduation party by taking your family and friends out to Slappy’s. Everyone in your party will have a blast making their very own pancakes in any shape and size imaginable — like a diploma or cap and gown! You can also order a stack from the kitchen and ask the staff to write a special message on top, such as “Congrats Class of 2017!” Your graduate will treasure such a memorable celebration for years to come.

Slappy Baby Shower Cake

Satisfy pregnancy cravings while welcoming the new member of your family by hosting a baby shower at Slappy’s. Instead of playing classic baby shower games like bingo, guess the due date, or mystery baby food testing, challenge your guests to see who can create the best looking baby bootie shape on the griddle. Slappy’s has a wide menu that will satisfy both the mother-to-be’s and guests’ cravings. They also have ample space to accommodate your party.

Slappy Wedding Cake

Themed weddings, cruise weddings, destination weddings… You’ve seen them all, but have you ever seen a pancake wedding? Slappy’s offers multiple options for the couple kicking off their life. Host a rehearsal brunch with your wedding party at Slappy’s. Contact the staff and ask them about their pancake wedding cake. Your guests will still be talking about your unique cake for years after! If you are looking for other original wedding cake ideas, you can take a look at the Krispy Kreme donut cakes. They are equally fun!

How to Order Slappy Cakes

You can get your pancake fix on by visiting one of their seven Maui, Portland, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, or Thailand locations. See the Slappy Cakes locations on their website.


In short, Slappy Cakes is a family-friendly establishment that will suit all of your celebratory needs: from everyday celebrations to momentous ones like weddings and baby showers. Their unique vibe and plentiful options will for sure make your next special occasion one to remember.