Custom cakes are now available at Schnucks Bakery in addition to your favorite desserts! Customers can use the convenient custom cake order-in-ahead option at the Schnucks. They will fulfill your request if you let them know what it is.

The Schnucks Bakery store bakes and makes fresh goods for every party, from bagels to cakes. Their online Bakery page is a helpful tool for planning your upcoming celebration. Schnucks has the products you need to make your big celebration delicious, from birthdays to graduations! Kindly look at the section below to get more about them.

Schnucks Bakery Cakes Prices

The majority of customers prefer cakes with a price that matches their taste. The Schnucks is a reliable store that you’ll not regret buying.

Cake TypePrices
Schnucks Bakery Custom Sheet Cake 2 Layer – ¼ Sheet$31
Schnucks Bakery Custom Decorated Cake Round 2 Layer$17
Schnucks Bakery
Custom Sheet Cake 2 Layer – Full Sheet
Schnucks Bakery
Custom Sheet Cake 2 Layer – ½ Sheet
Schnucks Bakery Custom Sheet Cake 1 Layer – ½ Sheet$35
Schnucks Bakery Custom Sheet Cake 1 Layer – ¼ Sheet$21
Schnucks Bakery
Custom Sheet Cake 1 Layer – Full Sheet

Schnucks Bakery Cake Designs

The Schnucks Bakery can ensure that your cake is worthy of the moment, whether for a graduation, wedding anniversary, or any other special occasion. Online orders for ready-made cakes are allowed for in-store pickup. Or you can create your cake with the help of their cake designers.

Wedding Anniversary Cakes

Cakes are great for any celebration, including birthdays and anniversaries, and congratulate someone on a job well done. Every celebration is lovely, but serving a delicious cake becomes even more.

The tradition of saving the wedding cake for your first anniversary signifies happiness and luck for newlyweds. On the couple’s first anniversary, the top tier of the cake will be defrosted and eaten. Red velvet is one of the top favorites of customers, you can try it if you want to. So, hurry! and order to make your wedding anniversary more romantic!

Wedding Anniversary Cakes in Schnucks Bakery

Gender Reveal Cakes

A gender-reveal party is a celebration pregnant couples throw to tell friends and family what their unborn child’s gender will be. The goal of this celebration is to “reveal” the gender of the baby to the pregnant parents, their loved ones, and friends.

There are many various ideas for designing a gender reveal cake. You can choose a simple but elegant or a unique design and fun. 

Just like the birthday cake, you can choose any flavor you like for your gender-reveal cake. The food coloring won’t show through the dark color of the cake, so you shouldn’t pick a chocolate cake or any other dark-colored cake unless you decide to have a “Surprise on the Inside” cake reveal. Making the icing between the layers pink or blue is another choice if you have your heart set on chocolate.
The greatest flavor to use for food coloring to disclose the baby’s gender is vanilla because it is white. But yellow cake would also be a good choice. Both choices can also be totally colored and marbled.

Gender Reveal Cakes in Schnucks Bakery

Graduation Cakes

The time leading up to graduation is a time for you to celebrate and reflect on your accomplishments. It’s party time to be had with loved ones and friends. Graduation parties usually request celebration cakes with artistically written messages. While some people would like to focus on the cake’s appearance and shape, others might choose to pay attention to the taste of the cake.

It is important to celebrate graduation with a lovely and mouthwatering cake. Choosing the perfect graduation cake and knowing where to begin can be challenging. The Schnucks Bakery can help you pick the best cake design for your upcoming graduation. Let Schnucks Bakery brighten your graduation day with a cake that wows your guests for being delicious.

Tassel cakes are one style of graduation cake and you can request for a strawberry cheesecake flavor if you’re a strawberry and cheese lover. Tassel Cake is a straightforward option for graduation sheet cake ideas in 2022, but it still steals the show. It includes a cake with a gold, black, and white theme.

Graduation Cakes in Schnucks Bakery

How to Order

Online ordering for your favorite Schnucks Bakery desserts is available through this link. You can order more Schnucks Cakes from nearby local and national stores and get on-demand, contactless delivery or pickup in less than two hours. And if you have shops that are near to you like Sam’s Club Cakes, Target Bakery Cakes, Shoprite Cakes, Food Lion Cakes, and Albertson’s Cake, you can visit them for any kind of delicious cakes!