Price Chopper delivers a wide variety of cakes at competitive prices. They have cakes for any occasion, from basic party cakes up to wedding cakes, and surely guarantee your satisfaction with their full selection. Hence, the Price Chopper cakes prices start at $18.99 and go up to $65.99 depending on size, filling, and decoration. Furthermore, in this article, we’ll tell you more about the different designs that you can order and also how you can order them.

Price Chopper Cakes Prices

Note: Price Chopper Cakes may vary from location to location, as well as from one design to another. Therefore, as a result, the prices below are just estimates.

Round Price Chopper CakesPrice
8″ Round Cake$18.99
8″ Round Cake with Filling$19.99
Price Chopper Sheet Cake Prices
1/4 Sheet$28.99
1/4 Sheet with Filling$30.99
1/2 Sheet$43.99
1/2 Sheet with Filling$47.99
Full Sheet$55.99
Full Sheet with Filling$65.99

Price Chopper Cake Designs

Price Chopper has a lot of cake designs to cater to you. Thus, they can tailor design any cake according to your party’s needs. In addition to that, for a better idea of their extensive cake design offerings visit their online store to see specific cake design examples. You can also visit your nearest Price Chopper to see what different designs and themes look like on different cake types. Furthermore, feel free to talk to the bakers about any special custom design ideas you might have. Surely, they are always willing to try new ideas and designs to suit you. You just have to try it out.

Don’t forget your cake order can also customize according to your event. With over five cake flavors and different fillings to choose from, surprisingly you can create a delicious cake for your party. The cake flavors include chocolate, marble, strawberry, white, and as well as yellow. Thus, filling for cakes is optional. Hence, their filling and icing flavors are buttercream and include white whipped cream.

Birthday Cakes

Nevertheless, price Chopper carries custom birthday cake designs for children. These cake themes include but do not limit to Disney Princess, Frozen, Minnie Mouse, Scooby-Doo, Cars, Tinkerbell, Marvel, Minions, Superheroes, SpongeBob, Barbie, Hello Kitty, Dora, Star Wars, Spiderman, Batman, My Little Pony, Sesame Street, Super Mario, sports teams, and many more!

frozen themed cake

Besides, you can view these cakes and more online. Additionally, price Chopper cakes for birthdays can be designed in round or sheet shapes. Although, prices for these exclusive cakes will range up to $65.99 depending on size, filling, and delivery.

However, you can find some cakes like these at Market Basket if you happen to visit there and have some groceries there.

Graduation Cakes

To celebrate your graduation, Price Chopper has an array of party cakes for the new graduate. In fact, you can look online to see Price Chopper’s available graduation cake choices, or custom design a cake with your local Price Chopper baker. For a graduation celebration, we recommend a cake such as the Star Wars Darth Vader one for Star Wars fanatics, or the  Football Touchdown Cake for football enthusiasts.

You can also find cheap yet yummy cakes from Red Ribbon if you are really strict about your budget.

Star Wars themed cake

Baby Shower Cakes

Awaiting the arrival of a new one is surely exciting! So, you can order one of Price Chopper’s baby shower cakes to celebrate. Not to mention they have beautiful designs for the new baby boy and baby girl, or they can work with you to make a tailored cake for your shower. You can also apply the baby shower designs to any cupcake flavor you want.

After all, if you’re waiting for a baby boy, the Finding Dory Fintastic cake is perfect, with its blue icing. And also for a baby girl, we recommend the Minnie Mouse Bags Bows Shoe cake. You can also choose the Round Bow and Dot Cake that features polka dots and is wrapped up like a present. This round cake can also be custom colored with any color of your choosing, and even a message for your little one is on the way!

But if you are in such a hurry but don’t have any Sam’s Club Bakery near you, try to run to the nearest Dairy Queen and you’ll find cakes there which offer similar designs.

pink cake with Minnie Mouse theme

Wedding Cakes

Price Chopper wedding cakes are a great addition to your special day. Meet with their talented pastry chefs to design a wedding cake to meet your needs. Call your local Price Chopper Bakery to schedule an appointment for cake tasting and design. In terms of design, you can go for the Tiered Celebration Cake that you can customize according to the color scheme of your wedding. Two 8-inch layer cakes topped with two 5-inch layer cakes with decorative icing are perfect for your celebration.

Price Chopper Cakes yellow and white cake

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How to Order Price Chopper Cakes

At Price Chopper, they offer the convenience of online cake ordering. Pick from many cake types, designs, and sizes to place your order online. You can also visit your local Price Chopper Bakery to place an order as well. Talk with their local bakers and pastry chefs to make a beautiful design unique to your event. You can find the store nearest to you by using their store locator.

In terms of online ordering, the process is really simple. All you have to do is visit their online catalog linked above. Then, select the cake you want, choose your favorite base and icing, mention if there’s a message you want to be written on the cake, and then proceed to checkout. You will be asked to log into your Price Chopper account or create a new one.

order here

Price Chopper’s mission is to serve you. By offering a full selection of cakes for every event, custom designs, and delivery options, they can meet that goal. Let Price Chopper be a part of your special event and provide a sweet treat! Then, come back to our page and tell us what you thought of the Price Chopper cake prices and designs.

Cakes have always been a part of our different occasions. From weddings, birthdays, and baby showers, to any form of holiday, cakes always play a significant role at the table. Here on our website, we provide you with different cake brands with their corresponding prices, designs, and location availability. Check us out now! Or you might wanna read about Albertson’s Cakes.

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