Cakes from Lulu Cake Boutique do not have listed prices. However, their standard cake designs are widely varied in subject, making it easy to pick a cake design and go. Also, their custom cakes are trmasterworksorks. Then, starting at 35 servings and sometimes feeding hundreds. Also, in this article, we’ll talk about what to expect from Lulu Cakes Scarsdale prices, ordering methods, designs, flavors, and more.

Lulu Cakes Scarsdale Prices

Unfortunately, as we’ve already mentioned, Lulu cakes don’t have fixed prices. Also, that’s because the price varies widely according to the type of cake you want and how customized you want it. Also, we’ll provide you with the types of cakes they have and how many people they’re meant for.

Lulu Cake Boutique Round Cakes
6″ Round Serves 6 to 8
8″ Round Serves 8 to 10
10″ Round Serves 10 to 18
12″ Round Serves 18 to 30
14″ Round Serves 30 to 40
16″ Round Serves 60 to 70
Lulu Cake Boutique Square Cakes
10″ Square Serves 18 to 30
12″ Square Serves 30 to 40
14″ Square Serves 60 to 70
16″ Square Serves 75
18″ Square Serves 100
Lulu Cake Boutique Sheet Cakes
Half Sheet Serves 50
Three-Quarter Sheet Serves 75
Full Sheet Serves 100

Lulu Cakes Scarsdale Designs

Also, cake collections from Lulu Cake Boutique are made to easily fit the needs of cake consumers who are rushed or in no need of ultra customization. Then, cakes from the standard collection come with preset decorations like bright candy butterflies, and shiny sugar. Also, as delicate buttercream flower clusters. Then, the simplicity collection is the next step up, offering “luxury cakes at simple prices”. Also, the petite tiers and custom tiered collections both offer insights. Especially, into the capabilities of multi-level designs.

All collections offer curated options for weddings, bridal showers, baby showers, birthdays, religious ceremonies, and more.

Birthday Cakes

Young girls will be enthusiastic about pretty and pastel unicorn cakes or Frozen’s Olaf featured at their themed birthday party, while boys will rave about a Jurassic Park cake with dinosaurs roaring from their buttercream perch. Adults may be more excited to see cakes with golf balls, sports paraphernalia, purses, or an adorable camping theme, depending on their interests.

All of these cakes are from the four standard collections, meaning that ordering these designs will be painless as well as quick. For birthdays, you’ll likely find a 10″ or 12″ round cake to feed 10 to 30 party goers a good idea. Feeling slightly daring? Go with a petite tiered cake (made up of one 6″ and one 8″ round) to feed 18 guests.

Graduation Cakes

Keeping up with the tastes of most grads can be an exhausting process, especially when planning a graduation party. A simple graduation cake from the simplicity collection with collegiate letters or caps and tassels is always a satisfactory design to announce the end of high school. Custom cakes can be tailored to the grad’s exact interests – a pastel Tokyo cake for the travel lover, a massive Harry Potter creation for the budding bibliophile, or a bubbly sea turtle themed cake for the surfer.

A small grad party with only 30 to 40 hungry guests can get away with a 14″ round or 12″ square cake, though you will likely need something more like a three-quarters sheet cake or 16″ square cake to cover 75 rambunctious teenagers.

Baby Shower Cakes

Two themes have become instant family favorites in the realm of baby showers – woodland creatures and jungle animals. Hallmarks of a woodland themed shower include foxes, deers, and raccoons on tree stumps; jungle or safari themed baby showers see more giraffes and elephants than anything else.

Hoping to keep the gender a secret? Go for a green or yellow rubber ducky cake adorned with polka dots, stuffed toys, and baby bottles. Small baby showers, consisting of 18 to 30 guests, can be covered by a single 10″ square cake. If serving a much larger gathering, you may prefer a 14″ square cake that is capable of feeding 60 to 70 party people.

Lulu Scarsdale Wedding Cakes

Also, in need of a highly elegant, multi-tiered work of art for the centerpiece of you wedding reception? Then, Lulu Cake Boutique can provide mouthwatering buttercream and paper-thin fondant. Also, even candy jewels to construct your dream cake. Moreover, trendy color schemes can be met with precision, so the minimalist vibe of your big day transfers smoothly across your guests’ palates. Also, couples that are avid fans of Nintendo will be drawn. Also, to a Mario Brothers-themed cake. Therefore, complete with Peach and Luigi as cake toppers.

Also, custom cakes can be drafted to your exact desires and needs, from shape and color, to whimsy. Also, planning a small, selective wedding? Then, try a 6″ round cake for 8 guests or a petite tiered creation to feed 18. Also, extravagant occasions can easily amass hundreds of well-wishers. Then, choose a four-tiered beauty that can feed 285 wowed guests, made up of 18″, 16″, 14″, and 12″ square cakes.

How to Order

As a matter of fact, tastings and design consultations can be set up through their Scarsdale bakery. Then, custom creations under $1000. Also, orders that will be more than $1000 are invited to design their cakes at their Manhattan salon. Then, the process for ordering Lulu cakes is simple – call or email the bakery with event details. Also, preferred cake design, then specify any customization you will need.

Presently, their interactive ordering guide provides assistance on cake sizes. Also, serving recommendations. Especially,  as a form to schedule a tasting. Then, the other ordering option is to simply walk into the bakery and grab whatever you like to go. Also, the contact information for their Scarsdale Cake Boutique is:

NY 10583
Also, their Email:
And, their Phone number: (914)722 8300

Therefore, after marveling at their cake designs and participating in a life changing tasting at Lulu Cake Boutique. Also, drop us a comment to tell us how delicious it really is. Also, don’t forget to also mention what you thought of the Lulu Cakes Scarsdale prices.

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