The elegant cakes and pastries from Labonel Fine Baking vary widely in price, mostly coming in between $17.15 and $124.74, due to their dedication to gourmet ingredients and portion sizes. For cakes, there are many delicious flavors to choose from. We will tell you more about these flavors, as well as discuss the Labonel Fine Baking cakes prices and ordering process.

Labonel Fine Baking Cakes Prices

Square Labonel Cakes
9’x9′ Square Chocolate Walnut Cake, 3 kg (Serves 40) $124.74
Labonel Fine Baking Warmed Gateaux Cakes
7′ Walnut Rum Torte (Serves 10-12) $34.33
9′ Orange and Chocolate Gateaux (Serves 20-25) $84.26
Round Labonel Fine Baking Cakes
7′ Classic Chocolate Cake, 1 Kg (Serves 10-12) $34.30
8′ Chocolate Strawberry Cake, “1 ½ Kg” (Serves 12-15) $62.37
9′ San Francisco Chocolate Chip Cake, “2 Kg” (Serves 20-25) $68.61
Labonel Fine Baking Chilled Gateaux Cakes
7′ White Forest Gateaux (10-12) $42.13
9′ White Chocolate Espresso Torte (20-25) $51.49

Labonel Fine Baking Cake Designs

Cakes from Labonel Fine Baking can be completely customized to all taste and allergy needs. Gluten free and vegan dietary concerns are easily accommodated by the bakers through dairy, flour, and egg substitutions, making Labonel a dream for many individuals with diet restrictions and gourmet taste buds.

The refined, elegant gateaux cake designs can make beautiful additions to black tie engagements. Or, go with a simple tiramisu for a fun, laid back feel to your celebration. Either way, Labonel Fine Baking has a cake to fulfill your party needs.

Labonel Fine Baking Birthday Cakes

Celebrating for someone who isn’t a fan of traditional cakes, or creating an Oktoberfest themed adult birthday? Go with a classic black forest gateaux, which can be sweet, tart, and rich. without the extra buttercream icing. This starts at $42.13. Labonel Fine Baking specializes in delicate gateaux cakes like mocha, tiramisu, white forest, Parisian mousse, and walnut, to entice even the pickiest eater. These beauties can come in 7′ diameter to serve 10-12, 8′ diameter for 15-20 guests, and 9′ diameter to serve 20-25.

Labonel Fine Baking Graduation Cakes

If an elegant, delicious graduation party is what you’re planning, we recommend a Parisian mousse gateaux cake. Prices for 7′ round cakes, serving 10-12 guests, begin at $34.30. Prices max out at $84.20 for a 9′ death by white chocolate, Blackforest, or orange and chocolate gateaux cake that can feed up to 25 people.

Labonel Fine Baking Baby Shower Cakes

In the last few years, using the color of the inside of cakes to announce the baby’s gender has gained immense popularity at baby showers – an opulent red velvet cake for a girl, or a seasonal fruit cake with blueberries peppered through the layers to announce your bouncing baby boy will make any party goer swoon. Batter options include vanilla fudge, mocha, midnight fudge, coco-vanilla, red velvet, and original chocolate.

If you look at the cake portion on the Labonel Fine Bakeries website, a 7′ red velvet cake starts at $42.13 to serve up to 12 people, while a seasonal fruit cake tops out at $84.26 to feed 25 guests. The icing and toppings of some cakes can be designed around your party’s theme or color scheme, provided you get permission from the baker on site.

Labonel Fine Baking Wedding Cakes

Planning a large affair with every relative, neighbor, and high school friend you’ve ever met in attendance? Your best bet would be a 9’x9′ square cake with three tiers, which can feed 40 hungry guests in one shot. Prices start at $93.56 for a vanilla fudge, midnight fudge, or chocolate Victoria sponge cake, and top out at $124.74 for a chocolate walnut cake.

You can customize the icing designs with your baker, or opt for the traditional bride and groom cake topper. Search on the Labonel website for cake prices and comparisons, or to get a basic idea of your finished product.

How to Order Labonel Fine Baking Cakes

The ordering process for Labonel Fine Baking cakes is simple – call over the phone after browsing their website or walk right into one of their bakeries to design your dessert of choice. The highly qualified bakers will be more than happy to hash out your unique creation, provide samples, and offer their expertise. You will be notified when your order is completed; all you have to do is run down and pick it up.

Labonel Fine Baking Locations:

Municipal Door No. 1-72/2/3/6, 7/vs/g-1,
Plot no 6 & 7, Survey No. 18, Gachibowli Village,
Road Below Gachibowli Flyover,
Serlingampally Mandal, Ranga Reddy District,
Hyderabad – 500032, TS, India.
Phone: + 91 – 40 – 65701051 / 2300 1051 / 52
Mobile: + 91 – 96427 01051

Municipal Door No. 8-2-293/82A/1335/A,
Road # 45, Jubilee Hills,
Between Pheonix & Kellton tech,
Hyderabad – 500033,
Telangana State, India
Phone: + + 91 – 40 – 23115333,23602333
Mobile: + + 91 – 82978 45333

If you ever find yourself in Hyderabad, India you need to take a moment to step through the doors of Labonel Fine Baking. Even if you’re just taking a sniff and a glance at one of the gateaux cakes, you will be knocked off your feet. Do let us know your opinion of the Labonel Fine Baking prices and flavors down below!