Drakes cake is one of the most popular bakeries in the country because their pricing is so reasonable and their product quality is so great. Like most other goods at Drakes, are delicious and fairly priced. Moreover, Drakes cakes are available in a variety of fillings and flavors, and their pricing differs depending on size and design.

Also, they have readymade cakes for those that are in a hurry. However, most customers prefer to order ahead of time in order to have a customized cake. Moreover, customized cakes are popular at Drakes since they offer creative designs that can satisfy their customers.

In this article, we will go over the costs of all of these Drakes cakes in 2022, as well as the ordering process and other details.  


Drakes Cake Prices

Cake TypePrice
8 Inch Round $13.99
¼ Sheet Cake $28.99
½ Sheet Cake $44.99
Full Sheet Cake $54.99
Customized Cakevaries

Drakes Cake Heritage

The Beginning of a Baking Legacy
Vanderveer & Holmes Biscuit Company, a leading manufacturer of premium crackers and cookies, was Newman Drake’s first foray into the baking sector. By 1891, Newman had advanced to the position of bakery foreman.

The Beginning of a Baking Legacy
The N.E. was inaugurated by Newman Drake. Drake Baking Company is located on 135th Street in Harlem, New York. Then, he made numerous types of pound cakes, which quickly became local favorites.

Baking Brothers
Newman and his brother Charles opened a second bakery near the source of materials in Brooklyn’s bustling Wallabout Market. The Drake Brothers Company was formed to absorb the Bakery.

Drake’s Boston Expansion
The Drake brothers operated a bakery in Boston’s Roxbury district.

Drake’s Original

Drake’s cakes were initially sold as huge cakes that retailers sliced on order. To ensure that customers purchased authentic Drake’s Cakes, they were cooked with a paper pan liner perforated with Drake’s brand name. Furthermore, in Brooklyn, the Drake brothers built a five-story bakery with a rooftop garden for employees to enjoy during their breaks.

Assurance of Delivery
An early trucking journal acknowledged this vehicle, one of only a few in the Boston bakery fleet, for running 14 months without skipping a beat.

New name. A brand-new bakery.
At the age of 63, Ralph Ward, a third-generation baker, was made president, and the business was renamed Drake Bakeries, Inc. In New Jersey, Drake opened the third bakery. Also, the innovative enterprise used electric delivery vans.

An Icon is Made
The first cakes to make a splash were Drake’s Devil Dogs. A tasty snack of two devil’s food cakes with cream filling quickly gained popularity. In addition, Devil Dogs are now recognized as a symbol of Drake’s brand.

An Unusual Snack

The Yankee Cake Company in Providence, Rhode Island, which eventually amalgamated with Drake Bakeries, is where Yankee Doodles cakes got their start.

The Legacy of Baking
At the age of 69, Newman Drake passed away on March 18, 1930. In Newton, New Jersey, where he was born and raised, Newman gave property for the first park, which is now called Memory Park.

Drake is a Global Star.
The Drake’s Cake Stand, Drake’s booth, was part of the New York World’s Fair in 1939.

A Prominent Historical Note
Drake’s success with its Ring Dings cake line is evident and frequently copied, never repeated.

Continues to Make Them Laugh
Since 1961, Funny Bones cakes have been titillating consumers’ fancy.

Adapt to the times.
Drake’s was having success after introducing Yodels cakes.

Webster’s New Look is Here!

After several years, Webster had another facelift at the beginning of 2021. Your favorite cakes’ packaging was upgraded to the state you see it in today. We think Webster has never looked better!

Ordering Process

You can place orders by visiting their official website or by emailing them at Onlinestore@mckee.com. Additionally, emails will receive timely replies within 48 hours.

Drakes cakes will be a great addition to any celebration and may satisfy even the pickiest visitor, no matter what you decide for what occasion. Therefore, call or visit your local Drakes for your next event so their 24-hour bakers and decorators may make a cake as unique as the person you’re celebrating.

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