Central Market is a chain of local, independent groceries stores in the state of Washington. They also have 6 locations that can be found at Central Market Bakery Poulsbo, Lakemont, Mill Creek, Shoreline, Bainbridge Island and the Ballard Market. In addition to fresh products and everyday groceries, the Central Market cakes are also one of the gems they offer. If you’re looking for cakes that are different and more special than the normal ones that you see every day, then Central Market is the place for you. You can really get creative with your cakes since they help you to give your idea to life. We will explain everything you need to know about Central Market cakes below.

Prices of Central Market cakes vary between $24.99 and $591.00.

Sheet Cakes1/4 Sheet15 to 20$29.99 - $44.99
1/2 Sheet30 to 40$39.99 - $54.99
Full Sheet60 to 80$69.99 - $84.99
Round Cakes8 Inches10 to 12$17.99 - $31.99
Cupcakes8 count8$14.99 - $29.99
15 count15$24.99 - $39.99
30 count30$34.99 - $49.99
60 count60$54.99 - $69.99
Wedding Cakes1-3 tiers48 to 197$120.00 - $591.00
1/4 Sheet25$25.00 - $35.00
1/2 Sheet50$50.00 - $60.00
Full Sheet100$100.00 - $110.00
Cupcakes1$2.50 - $3.00

Central Market Cakes Designs

There is a lovely range of sheet and round cakes, as well as cupcakes for birthdays, baby showers, weddings or graduations at Central Market Bakery. Their official website states that orders are made only in-stores, with the help of cake decorators. Customers have a wide range of flavor options, from the classical chocolate and vanilla, to spice, marble, and malt. Furthermore, clients can choose their favorite frosting, like fudge, or buttercream, and fillings (apple, lemon, coconut, mint, rum, or mocha). Thus, you can create the perfect cake for any special occasion.

Central Market Birthday Cakes

If you have a birthday party around the corner, you have numerous options available at Central Market Bakery. Firstly, we recommend their round cake for small parties of 10 to 12 guests. It is 8 inches in diameter and costs $17.99 (Party & Truffle), $24.99 (Floral & Toy) or $31.99 (specialty).

Secondly, one of the best perks about Central Market cakes is that there is an abundance of custom options to choose from. You can also customize the cake, filling and frosting, by picking one of these mouth-watering choices:

  • Cake:
    • Chocolate
    • Vanilla
    • Spice
    • Carrot
    • Champagne, etc.
  • Standard Filling:
    • Bavarian Cream
    • Apple
    • Fudge
    • Caramel
    • Coconut, etc.
  • Mousse Filling:
    • Mocha
    • Almond
    • Vanilla
    • Chocolate
    • Mint, etc.
  • Frosting:
    • Whip
    • Cream Cheese
    • Buttercream
    • Fudge
    • German Chocolate

Check out their full list of ingredients and custom options on their Special Order Cakes page. So, if you consider ordering a custom Central Market birthday cake, take a look at our tips on picking the perfect birthday cake. This will help you be more prepared when you meet your cake decorator.

Central Market Graduation Cakes

Graduations can be deliciously celebrated with Central Market cakes. They have three options for sheet cakes that can accommodate any graduation party, big or small. You can customize any of these cakes with the options we described above, so all you have to do is choose the size that fits the number of guests at your party.

If you plan on celebrating with close family and friends, a ¼ sheet cake is your best bet. It serves 15 to 20 people and costs between $29.99 and $44.99, depending on the ingredients. Moreover, a perfect cake for a class is a ½ sheet, which serves 30-40 individuals. The costs for a ½ sheet cake are $39.99 – $54.99. Lastly, a full sheet cake is enough for 2-3 classes, with 60 to 80 servings each. So for this choice, you have to pay between $69.99 and $84.99.

Central Market Baby Shower Cakes

Instead of getting a traditional Central Market baby shower cake, why not channel your inner child with cupcakes? Central Market bakes wonderful cupcakes that can be enough for your immediate family or all your friends together.

For a small party, you can get 8 cupcakes for $14.99 – $29.99. So, if your party requires 15 cupcakes, it will cost you between $24.99 and $39.99, depending on what your choice of ingredients is. Moreover, 30 cupcakes sell for $34.99 – $49.99, while 60 cupcakes cost $54.99 – $69.99. Their three main varieties are, from cheapest to most expensive, Truffle and Floral, Toy and Specialty. Check also our tips to help you know how to pick the perfect baby shower cake.

Central Market Wedding Cakes

But even though Central Market cakes for weddings are more expensive than competitors like Walmart, they have a wide range of custom options that make up for the higher price. You can also browse through all of them on their Wedding Cakes page, but here are a few so you can get a general idea:

  • Flavors:
    • Champagne
    • Marble
    • White
    • Chocolate
    • Carrot, etc.
  • Mouse Fillings:
    • Amaretto
    • Cappuccino
    • Hazelnut
    • Almond
    • Mocha, etc.
  • Standard Fillings:
    • Banana Custard
    • Cream Cheese
    • German Chocolate
    • Fudge
    • Peach, etc.
  • Icings
    • Cream Cheese
    • Chocolate
    • Vanilla
    • Chocolate Truffle
    • White Chocolate Truffle

But if you want a tiered cake, it will cost you from $120.00 to $591.00, depending on how many tiers you choose. A 2 tier round cake has 10 and 6 inch tiers, while a triple one has 16, 12 and 8 inch tiers. In addition to this, Central Market cakes also has sheet options for weddings. A ¼ sheet cake serves 25 guests and costs $25.00 – $35.00, while a ½ sheet has double the servings for $50.00 – $0.00. A full sheet cake has 100 servings for $100.00 – $110.00. To ensure an easy cake planning process, read our tips on how to pick the perfect wedding cake.

How to Order?

To order Central Market cakes, you have to start by making an appointment with a cake decorator at the Central Market bakery in your area. The phone numbers for 3 of their main stores are:

Shoreline Central Market Bakery:  206 366 9985

Poulsbo Central Market Bakery: 360 394 7215

Mill Creek Central Market Bakery: 425 357 3253

So, after you call and set an appointment, visit your local bakery to speak with the decorator. Also, you can talk about custom options and how to make your cake truly special. Central Market cakes are known for being creative and unique, so don’t hesitate to let your imagination go wild. Please note, however, that wedding cakes should be ordered at least 2 weeks in advance.

Other than that, you can also learn everything else you need to know about Central Market cakes on their bakery page. They’re a fantastic option for special events if you live in Washington, so try them out for your next celebration.

Final Thoughts

One of the things that makes Central Market great is that they allow you to let your imagination fly and then, they design exactly what you had imagined.

In our review, we have stated the different cakes that you can order with them and how your creativity comes to life when you put it in the hands of Central Market.

Not only have we reviewed their services, but we have also stipulated the prices that they charge, as well as their contact numbers. So, let us know what you thought of your experience with them and also don’t be hesitant to tell us your concerns or ask any questions that you might have.