Burger King may only have a few milkshake flavors, but they craft them with a great deal of care. Each shake is handmade, and customers can choose from some basic sizes and flavors when selecting their shake. The average Burger King milkshake price is between $2.49 and $3.59, though prices might be slightly higher if you request additional ingredients. Our article will share many important details about the Burger King shakes. We will list the available flavors, and let you know the nutritional content and prices for all these flavors and sizes.

Burger King Milkshake Prices

Flavor Size Price
Vanilla Hand Spun Shake Small $2.49
Vanilla Hand Spun Shake Medium $3.09
Vanilla Hand Spun Shake Large $3.59
Chocolate Hand Spun Shake Small $2.49
Chocolate Hand Spun Shake Medium $3.09
Chocolate Hand Spun Shake Large $3.59
Strawberry Hand Spun Shake Small $2.49
Strawberry Hand Spun Shake Medium $3.09
Strawberry Hand Spun Shake Large $3.59
Limited Time Specialty Shake Small $2.49
Limited Time Specialty Shake Medium $3.09
Limited Time Specialty Shake Large $3.59

Burger King Milkshake Flavors

Burger King keeps their milkshake flavor selection simple, and most of the variety just comes from the customization options. Milkshake flavors will vary depending on which restaurant you visit and what time of the year it is. At any time, you can typically find five to ten different milkshakes being offered by the restaurant. All of these shakes come in the same standard sizes and prices, so it is easy to figure out the Burger King milkshake price.

Burger King Hand Spun Milkshakes

Burger King has been making hand spun milkshakes for years, so they have perfected their recipe. Each shake includes plenty of vanilla, soft serve Burger King ice cream, and it is carefully blended with your flavor of choice. The standard milkshakes can be ordered in chocolate, vanilla, or strawberry.

They can be selected in a small, medium, or large size, and depending on which size you order, the Burger King milkshake price will be anywhere from $2.49 to $3.59. All shakes will be topped with fluffy whipped cream and served with a straw for drinking.

Burger King Limited Time Specialty Milkshakes

For the same price as their regular shakes, Burger King also creates milkshakes with a variety of tasty mix-ins. Depending on the time of year and current promotion, the limited time shakes may be Froot Loops, Oreo, or Red Velvet Cake. They all contain vanilla ice cream blended with flavored sauces, and a mixture of cookies, cakes, candies, or cereals.

These are typically only available for a few months, so you will need to order them while they are on the menu. Each order will be available in a small, medium, or large size, and they are all topped with whipped cream.

Burger King Milkshake Add-Ins and Customization Options

Burger King’s milkshakes definitely live up to the “Have it your way” slogan that the company has. When ordering one of the specialty shakes with extra ingredients, you can easily request it without any of the items. It is possible to get nut-free shakes if you have allergies, though all will contain dairy, wheat, and soy.

You can also ask for additional flavoring sauce in your shake, or extra toppings in your specialty shake, but keep in mind that this may cost about 50 cents extra for each additional topping. Some people even report that accommodating employees will mix chocolate chip cookies, cheesecake, apple pie slices, or other ingredients from the rest of the dessert menu into shakes. If you get this type of custom shake, you will need to pay the base shake price, plus the cost of the dessert.

Burger King Milkshakes – Nutritional Information

The nutritional content of Burger King milkshakes can vary quite a lot depending on which flavor of shake you order. In the following table, we will look at the calories, protein, sugar, and sodium in each milkshake flavor.

Flavor Calories Protein (g) Sugar (g) Sodium (mg)
Chocolate Hand Spun Shake 610 14 88 500
Vanilla Hand Spun Shake 580 14 85 420
Strawberry Hand Spun Shake 640 14 99 440
Oreo Shake 730 15 100 550
Oreo Chocolate Shake 610 13 81 560
Cinnamon Toast Shake 780 16 113 570
Froot Loops Shake 720 16 103 560

The table below shows the amount of fat, saturated fat, trans fat, and carbohydrates each milkshake flavor contains.

Flavor Carbohydrates (g) Fat (g) Saturated Fat (g) Trans Fat (g)
Chocolate Hand Spun Shake 103 16 10 0
Vanilla Hand Spun Shake 98 15 10 0
Strawberry Hand Spun Shake 113 15 10 0
Oreo Shake 121 21 11 0
Oreo Chocolate Shake 99 19 12 0
Cinnamon Toast Shake 137 19 11 0.5
Froot Loops Shake 126 17 11 0.5

The information provided is for a standard size, small shake from Burger King, so larger drinks will have more calories and other nutrients. To find the nutritional information for different sizes or any new flavors of shakes created by Burger King, visit their website and click on your preferred item.

Burger King Contact Information and Useful Links

Do you have any other questions about the Burger King milkshake price range and nutritional information? Use these contact methods to speak to one of the Burger King customer service associates.

Burger King Phone Number: 1-866-394-2493
Burger King Official Website
Burger King Contact Page
Burger King Facebook Page
Burger King Twitter Page

Burger King’s delicious milkshakes are quite affordable, and come with many customization options. People can enjoy classic flavors like chocolate, or try experimental varieties like Froot Loops cereal. Have you tried any of their shake flavors before? Comment below to let us know what you thought of the Burger King milkshake price range.