BJs cakes are an affordable option for those who want amazing ready-to-order or customizable desserts for their special occasions. The prices for BJ’s cakes will start at around $15.99 for a 10-inch round cake.

You also have a variety of available fillings and can completely customize your cake from the inside out. Depending on what cake you need, the BJ’s bakery offers photo cakes, theme cakes, two-tiered cakes, decoration packets, and more.

Read on to learn more about BJs cakes prices and designs. See how to customize them for birthdays, graduations, baby showers, weddings, or other special events in your life. The next time you are going to select which brand to buy a cake, BJ’s Bakery will be first on the list.

A Bit About BJs Bakery

BJ’s Bakery Wholesale Club was founded in 1984 as an off-shoot of the Zayre department store, located in Medford Massachusetts. And currently owned by two private equity firms. If you wish to shop at BJs, you must become a member of the BJs Wholesale Club.

There are currently 216 locations of BJs Bakery across sixteen states along the east coast of the United States. The clubs currently inhabit as far west as Ohio.

In addition to the locations in Ohio and Massachusetts, there is also at least one BJs in the following states: New Hampshire, Maine, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Delaware, New Jersey, New York, Maryland, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, Georgia, and Virginia.

If you live outside of these states, unfortunately, you are out of luck. There are also currently no BJ’s stores outside of the United States.

Every BJ bakery is a full-service operation. At most BJs locations, bakers make cakes, pies, bagels, cookies, and other baked treats daily. BJ’s also employs cake decorators who are always available in-store to add a personal touch to cakes.

The bakery sells goods from the company’s store brands which are Wellesley Farms and Berkley-Jensen but BJ’s also offers products from well-known national brands such as Pepperidge Farm, Old El Paso, Thomas, and Pillsbury.

If you seek to buy only organic products or natural goods then you can purchase those products under popular brands, such as Amy’s Kitchen, Kashi, Newman’s Own, Kerrygold, and American Flatbread.

But before shopping at BJ’s, you must first become a member of the club. Memberships are available for both business users and personal users but prices may vary.

BJs Bakery Specifications

Number of Locations: 216 (as of 2018)

Bakery Type: Wholesale

Open to General Public: No

Notice For Special Personalized Items: 2 days

Bakery Offerings: Cakes, bagels, pastries, pies, and other baked goods

Bj’s bakeries are located within a large wholesale club which is open only to the members of the club. BJ’s customers can purchase all different types of baked goods from the bakery.

Some of these items include pies, cakes, bagels, donuts, bread, buns, and pastries, among other items. BJ’s bakery employs professional cake decorators who can fully customize any of the baked goods that they sell. You may be sure that your order is in good hands. Simply leave them in the hands of the experts, and the outcome will amaze you.

If you would like to purchase a special item such as a wedding cake, you must give the bakery department an advance notice. In most BJ’s clubs, a couple of days is sufficient time for them to create the item that you order.

When you order baked goods, you can choose quantities, styles, flavors, and all other features and get assistance from BJ’s bakery staff members. Depending on the size of your order, they may require you to pay a deposit upon ordering.

BJ’s bakeries have their separate location within the larger wholesale store. Most of them have a unique trade dress to separate them from the other sections of the club.

The bakery staff displays the baked goods behind counters. Some of the items are self-serve, however, other items require assistance from a bakery staff member.

More information about BJs Bakery

BJ’s bakery has two house brands of their baked goods. These are Berkley-Jensen and Wellsley Farms. Most of the products from these brands are pre-made, pre-packaged, and delivered to the BJ’s store via a truck. The bakery within BJ’s does, however, have its kitchen where some of the baked goods are made in-store.

The difference between the pre-made products and the in-store-made products is usually evident in the packaging that is used. If a product has no packaging, this has usually been made by one of the bakers in the store.

The BJ’s bakery does sell other name-brand goods too. Some of the name-branded goods on offer include cakes, cookies, bagels, tortillas, and pastries – all from national brands. That is such a versatile company.

These items are usually shelved within and surrounding the bakery. Usually, the products that are from well-known brands come in large or bulk packaging.

BJs Cake Prices

¼ sheet cake (serves 12-16) – gold cake and vanilla mousse filling w/ buttercream icing$16.99
¼ sheet cake (serves 12-16) – marble cake and chocolate mousse filling w/ non-dairy whipped topping$16.99
10" round cake (serves 18-24) – marble cake and buttercream filling w/ buttercream icing$15.99
½ sheet cake (serves 20-30) – gold cake and strawberry mousse filling w/ non-dairy whipped topping$23.99
½ sheet cake (serves 20-30) – marble cake and strawberry mousse filling w/ non-dairy whipped topping$23.99
½ sheet cake (serves 20-30) – marble cake and chocolate mousse filling w/ non-dairy whipped topping$23.99
½ sheet cake (serves 20-30) – ½ gold cake and ½ chocolate cake w/ buttercream icing and no filling$23.99
Full sheet cake (serves 60-75) – ½ gold cake and ½ chocolate cake w/ buttercream icing and no filling$39.99
Full sheet cake (serves 60-75) – gold cake w/ buttercream icing and no filling$39.99
Wellsley Farms 12-pack cupcakes - gold cake or
chocolate cake w/ white frosting
Prices vary

BJs Cake Designs

When shopping for a cake at BJ’s, you can choose from a variety of licensed character cakes, seasonal cakes, and specialty cakes with various flavors and frostings. BJ’s cakes are well suited for special occasions like birthdays, graduation parties, baby showers, and even weddings.

You can browse through a variety of cake styles. Alternatively, you can pick out a cake that is tailored to match up with your party.

On the BJ’s Party Planning Brochure, you can learn more about the cake sizes offered by BJ’s, as well as the fact that BJ’s offers customization options for free. You can choose the flavors, frostings, and fillings of your choice, choose a Photo Cake, theme cake, two-tiered cake, or decoration packet for no additional charge.

BJs Birthday Cakes

Whether it is for a child or an adult, BJ’s cakes are just right to celebrate any special birthday. For a child’s birthday party, you can pick from a variety of decoration packets, including licensed characters or a range of popular children’s themes.

All cake decorating sets for birthday and theme cakes are going to be subject to availability. So, be sure to check with a BJ’s team member whether the theme cake decorating set you would like is available.

bjs cakes

For the birthday of an adult, you can go with a round cake with your choice of fillings. Alternatively, you can have a larger sheet cake for serving anywhere between 12 to 75 guests.

If you have a particular photograph of the special birthday guest of honor, you can also have a custom Photo Cake. Don’t forget to select a photo that has a crisp image to have the best result. We recommend consuming the Photo Cake on the day of the pickup so that you can retain the image quality.

However, you can find some cakes like these at Market Basket if you happen to visit there and have some groceries there.

BJs Graduation Cakes

BJ’s can come up with just about any sort of graduation cake that you desire. Colored frostings can match the colors of the school where the guest of honor is graduating from. It is also easy to have several cupcakes made up in matching colors. They are great for the guests to grab and go in favor boxes.

A BJ’s marble cake and chocolate mousse filling 1/4 sheet cake that serves 12 to 16 guests can take the center stage of a graduation party. Ask the bakery if they can customize the cake with a graduation cap, diploma, message, or photo, to better fit the party theme.

You can also find cheap yet yummy cakes from Red Ribbon if you are really strict about your budget.

Bjs Baby Shower Cakes

Regardless of whether or not there is a boy or a girl on the way, or even twins, the BJ’s bakery staff can come up with an incredible cake. At BJ’s, you can find the right cake for the theme of your baby shower.

bjs cakes baby shower

Are you planning a gender reveal party? The bakers can come up with BJ’s cakes or cupcakes that have a secret color inside. The guests can dive into it all at once to get to know whether the baby is a boy or a girl.

But if you are in such a hurry but don’t have any Sam’s Club Bakery near you, try to run to the nearest Walmart Supermarket and you’ll find a bakery there which offers similar designs.

BJs Wedding Cakes

There is never any need to spend a fortune on a wedding cake when you can find one at BJ’s that is going to taste great and look amazing. BJ’s offers a range of two-tiered cakes that are just perfect for a wedding.

For more guests than the two-tier cake serves, you can add on another sheet cake in your choice of matching flavors. That serves as dessert for all of your guests after you use your showpiece cake for cutting.

bjs cakes

All you have to do is inquire about the special pricing of custom two-tier BJ’s cakes. Amazingly you will be able to enjoy the amount of savings. However, before deciding, you can also take a look at other great options for wedding cake bakeries.

BJs Bakery Prices

Apart from the custom BJ’s cakes you have to order in advance, you can also find pre-made cakes and other bakery treats in any BJs Cakes location. Among the delicious desserts, you can find at BJ’s are brownies, crumb cakes, mousse, pies, loaf cakes, cheesecakes, tea cakes, and more.

In terms of pre-made cakes, we recommend the popular Wellsley Farms 7″ Chocolate Bavarian Cake, Wellsley Farms 3-Layer 9″ Cookies & Cream Cake, or Wellsley Farms 7″ Chocolate Truffle Bomb Cake.

The prices for these items are not specified, since you have to visit a BJ’s location to purchase them.

BJs Bakery Pros and Cons


  • Huge Selection
  • Affordable Pricing
  • On-site Decorator

One of the biggest advantages of purchasing cakes from BJ’s bakery is the fact that they have an on-site decorator on hand. A lot of the cakes have already decoration in it, but they are not yet personalized.

In most places, a decorator can add a personal touch to your cake while you shop. This is a benefit of BJ’s bakery that makes it very appealing for busy people who don’t have the time to work with a private decorator.

A further benefit to buying from BJ’s is the huge selection of bakery items. They offer such a wide selection that you’ll be spoilt for choice! This includes more than just cakes.

Additionally, BJ’s offers one-stop shopping. You can pick up your baked goods at the same time as picking up all of the general household items that you need.

Finally, BJ’s also offers extremely affordable prices for basically all of their bakery options. Of course, you need to pay an initial membership fee, however, once you’ve done this you’ll typically save around 20 to 50 percent on all of your bakery products.

If at any time you are unhappy with your BJ’s membership, you can ask for a refund of the remaining balance. It’s worth giving it a try for the savings.


  • Average Quality
  • Limited Locations
  • Membership Requirements

If you are not a big fan of wholesale clubs, then the membership structure will not impress you. It’s simply impossible to walk into a BJ’s store and pick up a cake without buying an initial membership.

However, you may be able to take advantage of a one-day membership if you simply would like to sample some of the cakes on offer before you commit to a full BJs membership.

The majority of the baked goods at BJ’s taste great, however, they don’t always look that great. A lot of online reviewers of the goods have expressed their disappointment in the quality that goes into the in-store decorating of baked goods.

Many people call the decorations amateur. If you are looking for something especially special and intricate, it is probably best to go elsewhere as you may be disappointed by what BJ’s offers.

Finally, BJ’s only has 216 locations on the east coast of the United States. If you live anywhere outside of the sixteen states where these stores are located, you won’t be able to shop there.

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How To Order BJs Cakes

For any custom order BJ’s cakes, it is important that you allow at least 24-hour notice to ensure your cake will be decorated to your exact specifications. If you need to place an order in under 24 hours, inquire directly with one of the BJ’s team members.

You can reach the bakery by phone at (877) 257-3373 to place your order. You can also print out a form online and then take it to the bakery. To make it even easier, you can order custom cakes decorated to your liking online using the online decorating form.

You simply put in your member number, name, phone number, email, city and state, pickup date and time, and the cake type, trim color, writing color, and the message on the cake.

order here

For online forms, allow at least 36 hours for your order to be processed. The BJ’s bakery order team is available from Monday to Saturday from 9 AM to 7 PM, and Sunday from 9 AM to 6 PM ET. For Photo Cakes, you are required to print out the order form and bring it to the bakery at least 36 hours before pickup.

There are great BJ’s cakes waiting for you to celebrate any occasion imaginable. From fillings and frostings to a variety of decorating styles and sizes of cakes, you can create a delicious, custom cake that will leave a lasting impression on your guests.

No matter the occasion, you can pick out an affordable and tasty cake that will become quite the showpiece for your birthday party, graduation, promotion, wedding, baby shower, bridal shower, or any other sort of celebration. Tell us what you think of the BJ’s cake prices and designs down below.

Have you already made up your mind about what cake to buy? Have you decided which style looks best? Let us know in the comments below!

Cakes have always been a part of our different occasions. From weddings, birthdays, and baby showers, to any form of holiday, cakes always play a significant role at the table. Here on our website, we provide you with different cake brands with their corresponding prices, designs, and location availability. Check us out now! Or you might wanna read about Albertson’s Cakes.

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