BJ’s Cakes Prices, Designs, and Ordering Process

BJs cakes are an affordable option for those who want amazing ready-to-order or customizable desserts for their special occasions. The prices for BJs cakes will start at around $16.99 for a quarter sheet cake. You have a variety of fillings available, and the ability to completely customize your cake from the inside out. Depending on what you need a cake for, the BJ’s bakery offers:

  • Photo Cakes;
  • Theme Cakes;
  • Two-tiered Cakes;
  • Decoration Packets and more;

Read on to learn more about BJs cakes designs, and prices. See also how to customize them for birthdays, graduations, baby showers, weddings, or other special events.

BJ’s Cake Prices

¼ sheet cake (serves 12-16) – gold cake and vanilla mousse filling w/ traditional butter cream icing$16.99
¼ sheet cake (serves 12-16) – marble cake and chocolate mousse filling w/ non-dairy whipped icing$16.99
10" round cake (serves 15-20) – marble cake and butter crème filling w/ traditional icing$15.99
½ sheet cake (serves 20-30) – gold cake and strawberry mousse filling w/ non-dairy whipped topping$23.99
½ sheet cake (serves 20-30) – marble cake and strawberry mousse filling w/ non-dairy whipped topping$23.99
½ sheet cake (serves 20-30) – marble cake and chocolate mousse filling w/ non-dairy whipped topping$23.99
½ sheet cake (serves 20-30) – ½ gold cake and ½ chocolate cake w/ traditional butter cream icing and no filling$23.99
Full sheet cake (serves 60-75) – ½ gold cake and ½ chocolate cake w/ traditional butter cream icing and no filling$39.99
Full sheet cake (serves 60-75) – gold cake w/ traditional butter cream icing and no filling$39.99

BJ’s Cake Designs

When shopping for a cake at BJ’s, you will see a variety of licensed character cakes, seasonal cakes, specialty cakes with various flavors and frostings. BJs cakes that are suited for special occasions and traditional birthdays. You have the ability to browse through a variety of cake styles. Alternatively, you can pick out a cake that is tailored to match up with your party.

BJ’s Birthday Cake

Whether it is for a child or an adult, the BJs cakes are just right to celebrate any special birthday. For a child birthday party, you can pick from a variety of decoration packets, to include licensed characters or a range of popular children’s themes. All cake decorating sets for birthday and theme cakes are going to be subject to availability. So, be sure to check with a team member whether the theme cake decorating set you would like is available.

For the birthday of an adult, you can go with a round cake with your choice of fillings. Alternatively, you can have a larger sheet cake for serving anywhere between 12 to 75 guests. If you have a particular photograph of the special birthday guest of honor, you can also have a custom photo cake. Don’t forget to select a photo that has a crisp image to have the best result. We recommend to consume the photo cake on the day of pickup so that you can retain the image quality.

BJ’s Graduation Cake

BJ’s can come up with just about any sort of graduation cake that you desire. Colored frostings can match the colors of the school where the guest of honor is graduating from. It is also easy to have a number of cupcakes made up in matching colors. They are great for the guests to grab, and go in favor boxes. A BJ’s marble cake and chocolate mousse filling 1/4 sheet cake that serves 12 to 16 guests can take the center stage of a graduation party. Require the bakery if they can customize the cake with a graduation cap, diploma, message, or photo, to better fit the party theme.

BJ’s Baby Shower Cake

Regardless as to whether or not there is a boy or a girl on the way, or even twins, the BJ’s bakery staff can come up with an incredible cake. At BJs you can find the right cake for the theme of your baby shower.

Are you planning a gender reveal party? The bakers can come up with BJs cakes or cupcakes that have a secret color inside. The guests can dive into all at once to get to know whether the baby is a boy or a girl.

BJ’s Wedding Cake

There is never any need to spend a fortune on a wedding cake when you can find one at BJ’s that is going to taste great and look amazing. BJ’s offers a range of two-tiered cakes that are just perfect for a wedding. For more guests than the two-tier cake serves, you can add on another sheet cake in your choice of matching flavors. That one will be served to all of your guests after you use your showpiece cake for cutting. All you have to do is inquire about the special pricing on custom two-tier BJs cakes. You might amazed at the savings you will be able to enjoy. However, before deciding, you can also take a look at other great options for wedding cake bakeries.

How To Order BJs Cakes

For any custom order BJs cakes, it is important that you allow at least 24-hour notice to ensure your cake will be decorated to your exact specifications. If you need to place an order in under 24 hours,  inquire directly with one of the BJ’s team members.

You can reach the bakery by phone at (877) 257-3373 to place your order. You can also print out a form online and then send it into the bakery via fax. To make it even easier, you can order custom cakes decorated to liking online using the online decorating form. You simply put in your member number, name, phone number, city and state, pickup date and time, and the cake type, trim color, writing color, and the message on the cake.

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For online forms, allow at least 36 hours for your order to be prepared. The BJs bakery order team is available Monday to Saturday from 9am to 7pm, and Sunday from 9am to 6pm.


There are great BJs cakes waiting for you to celebrate any occasion imaginable. From fillings and frostings to a variety of decorating styles and sizes of cakes, you have the ability to create a delicious, custom cake that will leave a lasting impression on your guests. No matter the occasion, you can pick out an affordable and tasty cake that will become quite the showpiece for your birthday party, graduation, promotion, wedding, baby shower, bridal shower or any other sort of celebration.

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