Ben and Jerry’s Flavors, Prices, Desserts, and Ordering Process

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If you love ice cream, you have undoubtedly sampled some Ben and Jerry’s in your life. They are nationally famous and have been in the ice cream industry since the late 1970s.

It all started with a 12,000-dollar investment to a man who had just enrolled in a simple, 5-dollar ice cream-making class. Ben and Jerry’s successfully opened in Burlington, Vermont, as a small ice cream shop loved by the local community.

To celebrate its first successful year, they started the tradition of Free Cone Day, a day during which they give out free ice cream. This event is continued to this day.

The business blossomed in the 80s, and in 1989, they pledged to use cream free from artificial growth hormone. From here, the company starts committing itself to fair trade ingredients and non-GMO sources.

They also began branching into healthy sorbets and substantially widening their pool of flavors. Its list of wholesome ingredients, decent company practices, and delicious flavors has made this company one of America’s favorites.

What if you want to order some Ben and Jerry’s for an upcoming party and don’t’ quite know where to start? This article is going to dive into what flavors this ice cream company carries, what the average prices are, and how you can order from their shop.

Ben and Jerry’s Flavors

So, we are not going to go through every flavor this company has ever concocted. Since 1979, they have been slowly growing and expanding, which means they have an overwhelming variety to choose from.

We are, however, going to go over some of the most popular of the 52 pint flavors available.

Caramel Chocolate Cheesecake

caramel chocolate cheesecake ben and jerry ice cream

The first you will see listed is Caramel Chocolate Cheesecake. This has a 4.1 out of 5-star rating. It has graham cracker cheesecake truffles in a cheesecake ice cream with caramel chocolate swirls.

This is a new flavor that has universally glowing reviews. One thing that Ben and Jerry’s is known for is creating decadent, mixed flavors that are filled with rich, sweet morsel.

While they do make simple vanilla ice cream, their specialty comes out in their novelty flavors and combinations.

Minter Wonderland

ben and jerrys minter wonderland

This flavor has a whopping 5 out of 5-star review. It’s comprised of dark chocolate mint ice cream with marshmallow and chocolate swirls. The combination of the mint with the heaviness of the dark chocolate gives this flavor a unique profile.

​Banana Split

ben and jerrys banana split ice cream

They don’t just have chocolatey flavors. They are well known for fruit concoctions as well, such as their Banana Split, Cherry Garcia, or Pistachio flavors.

The Banana Split has some of the best ratings of the more exotic flavors. It is banana and strawberry-flavored ice cream with walnuts, fudge swirls, and fudge chunks – all mixed in. It has a whopping 5 out of 5 stars, so you know that this ice cream is worth sampling.

Americone Dream

americone dream ben and jerrys ice cream

​This is an ice cream flavor sponsored by Stephen Colbert, the famous Late-Night host and comedian. At the time of his sponsorship, he was hosting his own show called the Colbert Report, and he was well-known for his satire of the traditional American dream.

This flavor in vanilla packed with fudged covered waffle cone pieces and swirled with caramel. It is loved for both its mascot and flavor.

New York Super Fudge Chunk

new york super fudge chunk ben and jerrys ice cream

​The last flavor we’re going to specifically cover is the New York Super Fudge Chunk. This comes with dark chocolate ice cream filled with dark and white fudge chunks, fudge-covered almonds, walnuts, and pecans.

This is another 5 out of 5 star-rated flavor for its rich, varied chocolate flavor.

What These Flavors Cost

What is nice about Ben and Jerry’s is that it is an affordable price for ice cream that is well made, unique and ultimately delicious. A typical pint of any of these flavors will run you a few dollars at your local grocery store.

Compare this to name brands like Häagen Dazs, which give you a smaller array of flavors for a couple of dollars more a pint. If you are planning on ordering online, however, these prices change slightly.

How to Order Ben and Jerry’s Online

ben and jerrys website

That is right. You can order ice cream that will be delivered to your door. Depending on where you live, you can order Ben and Jerry’s to be delivered within an hour or so, maybe sooner.

So, how do you order with this company and how much does it cost?

First, click this link right here to be brought to all of their delivery options. You will see merchandise options, pints, non-dairy ice cream, frozen yogurt, pints slices, gift packs, and light ice cream products.

Click on whatever you are looking to order and add the product to your cart. It will prompt you to create an account if you are a new customer. It will also give you the option of continuing as a guest.

Depending on how frequently you will order from Ben and Jerry’s, you might want to create a free account to simplify the process. Once this is done, you will then enter your billing and shipping details. It will then give you a shipping method.

Choose whatever works best for your situation, and viola! You have Ben and Jerry’s being packaged and delivered straight to your door.

If you are completing a large order, you will need to pay extra for shipping on any order over 50 dollars. The price isn’t bad. If you order online pints go for roughly a few dollars. So, while the price goes up from your local grocery store, delivery right to your door is worth the extra buck or two.

If you are ordering pints of ice cream, you get the option of ordering every flavor they have. You are not limited to a set number of deliverable flavors.

Ordering When you are Near a Ben and Jerry’s Store

grubhub website

Image from GrubHub website

If you live very close to an ice cream store, you can order through delivery partners such as Bite Squad and GrubHub to have ice cream delivered in minutes.
This is only an option if you are in reasonable distance of a Ben and Jerry’s shop.

They also don’t do large, bulk orders for parties, and most likely don’t include any merchandise or gift packs, but you can order the basic pints and pint slices through these services.

This will have the typical delivery fee charged on top of your order, which usually runs cheaper than generic shipping fees.

Desserts and Other Sweet Products

ice cream store sign

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Besides ice cream, Ben and Jerry’s produces frozen yogurt, pint slices, sorbets, and various merchandise items. The pint slices are particularly interesting. These are basically fudged covered ice cream sandwiches. Each one is filled with a different flavor and they come in boxes of three.

You can’t get pint slices of all of the flavors.

Currently, you can only get Cherry Garcia, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Chocolate Fudge Brownie, The Tonight Dough, Vanilla Peanut Butter Cup, Americone Dream, and Coffee Coffee Buzz Buzz Buzz. They also only have two flavors of frozen yogurt. These two flavors are Half Baked and Cherry Garcia.

For sorbets and nondairy options, you have a wider array to choose from. All in all, while their specialty might be ice cream, they do manage to branch out into delicious, interesting alternatives, all of which are deliverable online.

Ordering with Ben and Jerry’s is Relatively Easy

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This company loves what it does, and it puts a fair bit of work into making a product that satisfies, all while doing some good for its local community.

We find it interesting that the owner of Ben and Jerry’s started his ice cream adventure with a simple 5-dollar ice cream making class. His investors loved his pitch, and his passion soon blossomed into a nationally famous store we all know and love.

The neat thing is you don’t have to live right next to a store to get the ice cream you love. They have evolved with the times and now offer simple, convenient, and affordable delivery options.


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