ACE Bakery produces artisan pieces of bread and baked items in a European manner. The Toronto-based business offers about 35 different kinds of bread. The bread from the bakery is preservative-free and made using natural starters, according to Toronto Life. Also, the company markets artisan crisps and a line of granola across Canada and some of the United States. They also produce par-baked or partially baked, flash-frozen dough in addition to pieces of bread. The business was started by a husband and wife team from Caledon, Ontario, and is now owned by FGF Brands.

Additionally, they has something delicious and unique cakes, whether the occasion calls for a graduation cake, a birthday cake, or even a baby shower.

Birthday Cake

Ace Bakery Cakes Prices

Cake TypePrice
¼ Sheet Cake $28.99
½ Sheet Cake $44.99
Full Sheet Cake $54.99
Custom Cakes varies
Theme Cakes varies

Ace Bakery History

Business executive Martin Connell started baking baguettes in his kitchen at his house near Caledon, Ontario, in 1982 as a weekend morning hobby. Connell kept experimenting with bread-making methods with his wife Linda Haynes, a former television producer, and finally, they constructed a tiny “bakehouse” on the site. As they thought about opening their own business, they also started going to bakeries throughout North America and Europe. 

In March 1993, Connell and Haynes founded ACE Bakery at 548 King Street West in the heart of Toronto. The bakery cafe, which is housed in a former handbag factory, began as a 100-loaf-per-day business. Moreover, the couple vowed from the start that a portion of their after-tax income would go to Calmeadow, a charitable foundation they had started ten years earlier to encourage micro-financing. Sales at ACE Bakery had surpassed $4 million by 1996. A year later, the business moved to a larger, 23,000-square-foot site in North York, where it soon doubled in size.

ACE Bakery created a line of frozen dough in 2001.

Using this method, the bread is baked to a temperature of 85% before being flash-frozen. In-store bakeries and restaurants in Ontario, parts of New York and Michigan, as well as resorts in the Bahamas, received the brand-new product.

Haynes released “The ACE Bakery Cookbook: Recipes for and with Bread” in 2003, which quickly rose to fame in terms of marketing and promotions. The second book, “More from ACE Bakery,” was released three years after the first one. By 2008, the company’s yearly sales were approaching $50 million and were expanding at a double-digit rate. Connell and Haynes sold ACE Bakery to Chicago-based private equity company Glencoe Capital in that same year, along with Canadian investors Birch Hill Equity Partners. Three years later, Weston Foods Canada Inc., a division of George Weston Limited, paid $110 million to purchase ACE.

In 2012, the business made intentions to build a bakery in the United States. Five years later, the business committed $31.9 million to expand operations in Cherokee County, South Carolina. The facility, which is located there, cost $18.4 million. \

Birthday Cake of La Reyna Bakery

Ace Bakery Cakes In Any Occasion

Ace Bakery creates cakes that are delicious and have a stunning appearance. Most of their cakes are renowned for being exceptional. Additionally, their unique appearance and popularity are further boosted by elaborate patterns and unusual shapes. Cakes for weddings, birthdays, graduations, and baby showers are included in the category of special cakes. To satisfy the needs of the client, they produce creative cake designs.

The bakery also specializes in custom cakes since many customers want to have their dream cake. In addition, they can include themes, text, colors, and scents that are particular to a client’s preference.  The bakery promotes excellent flavor, efficient service, and high quality at an affordable price. 

Ace Bakery cakes are affordable and tailored specifically, making them the perfect choice for anyone looking for a quality cake at an affordable price. Write a comment in the space provided below if you’d want to share Ace’s cakes with others. 

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